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2233 Poinciana Island
North Miami Beach, Florida 33160

Project Development & Real Estate Professional
- Legal U.S. Immigrant -


Strong investment contacts(public & private) in Europe, specifically in France, desirous of making real estate/business investments in U.S. A solid and verifiable record of achievement as a French Architect and Project Manager, gaining the trust and confidence of many reputable corporate leaders and government officials.


(French Architects are not only involved with the design stage of a project, but the actual construction through final completion-Start-to-finish responsibility).

Residential & Commercial

  • Real Estate Valuation - Feasibility Studies
  • Estimating, Appraisals, Inspections and Project Budgeting.
  • Negotiating & Contract Administration
  • Architectural Concept and Design
  • All Phases of Project Development Through Punch List


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Interior Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employee/Subcontractor Management
  • Business Management
  • International Purchasing
  • Finance & Profit Achievement
  • Banking and Financing


Jean-Louis de Marguerie de Montfort, Architect
French Riviera(Cros Cagnes,Antibes,& Nice) LICENSED ARCHITECT

- Specializing in French Architecture and Interior Design -

Architect specializing in residential homes ranging in price from $1.5 million to $5 million homes and estates(3,400 - 15,500 sq.ft.). In addition, have solid design and construction experience in commercial projects including: office buildings, schools, churches, hotels, and restaurants. Expertise in project renovations (minor - major).

  • Established a regional reputation for excellence and developed a loyal following in Europe. Manage all phases of project development from design to completion. Highly successful for project profitability and investor ROI.
  • Strong management skills, including personnel and project scheduling, employee and subcontractor supervision, budgeting and finance, problem solving, client relations, and quality control.
  • Seasoned sales and marketing skills. Demonstrated ability to gain trust and confidence of prospects. Personable, a sense of humor, and highly ethical.


Draftman, Architect's Project Manager, 1959 - 1966
Architect Designer(Spain), 1966 - 1972


Licensed Architect: Ministre de l'Environement and du Cadre de Vie, May 1980

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