Product Brand Manager

Product Brand Manager
The median expected salary for a typical Product/Brand Manager in the United States is $92,751. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies, according to updated in 2013.

Product Brand Manager - Best Jobs in America

You won't be senior management, but you will have control over developing, managing and marketing an assigned product line. In other words, you get to exercise business savvy and creativity. A sizable salary and launching pad to other high-level marketing jobs are part of the package... According to

  • Median Pay: $90,100
  • 90% in this job make more than: $63,000 in salary/Annually
  • Total compensation: $65,300 includes bonus/Annually
  • Top 10% in this job make more than: $108,600
  • Total compensation: $119,600
  • 10-year Job Growth: 21%
  • Growth in Jobs: 39,249
  • Total openings: 74,026

Career Description

Brand managers are generally responsible for building brand equity of a company's product or line of products with the help of a cross-functional team, which includes other departments such as product development, market research, advertising, public relations and sales. This collaboration, therefore, develops integrated positioning strategies to ensure maximum brand exposure for a company.

Other critical tasks of a brand manager involve in-depth consumer analysis to determine the overall demand of the company's products; liaising with marketing to create promotional tactics that will boost brand image; review and analysis of sales results of the brand's products to determine future product developments and business opportunities for the brand; keeping the marketing team informed of new brand visions; overseeing assistant brand managers to ensure that strategies are executed properly. In addition, to keep up with the growing complexity of business, brand managers also must stay informed of ongoing technological advances.

Skills and Personality

  • have an instinctive feeling about future product concepts
  • have good analytical skills
  • be a good listener, able to respond to results and consumer research
  • be an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing
  • be able to work well with a wide range of people from different parts of the business
  • be able to manage different projects at the same time
  • be energetic and passionate about their product speciality
  • be able to work well under pressure
  • have good presentation skills

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