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Jobs and Careers as an Airline Station Agent

Aviation Careers for Airline Station Agent - The Airline Station Agent works the arrival and departure gates. This is a highly visible position. They assist passengers with additional check-in requirements, seat assignments and changes to itineraries, meet passengers plane side in all types of weather, and assist with passenger gate checked baggage.

Airline Careers on Airline Station Agent

Working Conditions

Aviation Careers - The Airline Station Agent is similar to the Airline Ticket Agents, although they do not actually sell tickets. They work at the arrival and departure gates which are located in the concourse area of every airport that the airline serves. This is a highly visible position, and requires a uniform. The gate area of some airports operate 24 hours, and offer a wide variety of work schedules and shifts. Therefore, flexibility is essential during a 40-hour week.

They assist passengers with additional check-in requirements, seat assignments and changes to itineraries, meet passengers plane side in all types of weather, and assist with passenger gate checked baggage.

Aviation Careers - In addition to passenger services, station agents are also responsible for all flight and ground operations such as checking loads, aircraft handling, placing safety equipment such as cones, chalks, stations and steps at aircraft and air cargo operations for the airline at the airport. They also replace lavatory tank fluids, operate aircraft doors, ground power units, load and unload baggage from cargo area and baggage carts and tugs. They check special requirements for each flight, perform all preflight transactions at gate including special requests and transactions. They also direct aircraft to and from their gate location, make boarding, arrival, and departure announcements, answer questions and offer information on airline and airport related topics - Aviation Careers

Typical Requirements and/or Experience

Aviation Careers - Airline Station Agent must be 18+ years old with high school diploma or equivalent. Exceptional interpersonal skills with an ability to get along with others are necessary. Must be able to anticipate needs of coworkers and passengers in a fast paced environment and work at a constant and quick pace for up to two hours at one time. Must be able to learn quickly and understand and interpret flight schedules and airline flight destination information. Able to obtain airport security clearance. Must have good attendance and punctuality record. Knowledge of operation of industrial equipment and previous helpful.

Applicants must be able to pass a mandatory drug screening, complete a ten year background and security check, hold a valid driver's license and a good driving record. Have the ability to work flexible hours including shifts, weekends and holidays.

Aviation Careers - Airline Station Agent must be able to speak, read and write English well enough to carry out written and oral instructions, read English language identification media, credentials, airline tickets and labels on items, provide direction to and understand and answer questions from English speaking individuals, and write up incident reports, statements and log entries in English is essential.


Airlines do require that applicants have a high school diploma or GED. All workers, regardless of their jobs, are given some degree of on-the-job training.

Marital Status

Married and unmarried men and women, with or without children are eligible. Persons who are widowed or divorced, also are eligible.

It is the policy of most aviation companies to provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, sex age, national origin, disability, military and veteran status. Most aviation companies are strongly committed to this policy, and believe in the concept and spirit of the United States law.

Wages and Benefits

Aviation Careers - Salaries vary according to the size of the airline. The larger the airline, the greater the opportunities and the stiffer the competition. For an updated look at salaries in the aviation industry, view the Avjobs.com.Salary.Report.

Airline Industry Career Related Information

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