Restaurant Manager Cover Letter
Cover Letter Example for Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter - The reference to the specific advertisements is a good idea. Paragraph three articulates key points that would be covered in the enclosed resume ... In his letter he stress that "You will note that I have an extensive background in the restaurant and bar industry and have successfully opened restaurants in Colorado, New Mexico..."

Dear Human Resource Manager:

Recently I have been looking for a dynamic and challenging position where I can utilize my expertise in the Restaurant/Bar industry and your advertisement seems to offer such an opportunity.
I have enclosed a copy of my resume, which outlines my qualifications and credentials for Restaurant Management positions and I appreciate your taking the time to review it.
You will note that I have an extensive background in the restaurant and bar industry and have successfully opened restaurants in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Opening these facilities required expertise in recruitment, interviewing, training and motivation. I also believe it is important to note that no fewer than 5 employees under my direct supervision and training have been promoted to management positions within my present organization. Lastly, I also maintain excellent relationships with numerous food and beverage distributors here in Colorado and have experience in negotiating vendor prices.
My success in the past has stemmed from my strong commitment and sense of professionalism. I maintain high ethical and work standards for myself and have excellent rapport with customers, vendors and employees.
I look forward to receiving a telephone call requesting a personal interview so that we might discuss the strengths I can bring to your company.
Sincerely, Richard A.Ireland

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