A Sample Follow Up Letter To a Phone Meeting

Follow Up Letter
In many cases, the difference between success and failure in a job search is follow-up. Most people send out a resume and expect that someone will call in response to it. That is not a strategy that breeds accomplishment. The example letter here is cover letter example to a phone meeting. Desmond takes the opportunity to document his feelings about human resource's sense of him being overqualified ...
Follow Up Letter

Dear Yasmine:

It was a pleasure to briefly speak with you earlier this week. As I mentioned in our conversation, I have known both Mark Lanson and Skip Peterson for a number of years and wanted to express my interest in the Marketing & Public Relations position, even though another partner is conducting the search.

I have the ideal combination of marketing and management experience necessary for this position. Throughout my career, I have designed and implemented a diversity of innovative sales strategies and programs to successfully identify new business opportunities and maintain long-term client relationships. Further, my knowledge of the Atlanta area marketplace is extensive. I know what works and how to get the most exposure from marketing and promotions. This expertise is the value I world bring to KPMG.

After reviewing my resume, perhaps you may think I am "over-qualified" and my compensation exceeds the level of pay anticipated for this particular position. To put your concerns to rest, the opportunity to join an organization like KPMG is an opportunity I do not want to pass by. Although my compensation has averaged $115,000, my salary requirements are flexible considering future opportunities for growth within the organization.

I would welcome a personal interview to further discuss the search and am confident that the outcome would be beneficial to future KPMB business results. I appreciate you passing this information along.l


Desmond P.Jefferson

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