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Massport - The Massachusetts Port Authority operates Boston Logan International Airport, the Port of Boston, Hanscom Field and Worcester Regional Airport. Massachusetts Port Authority is a financially self-sustaining public authority whose premier transportation facilities generate more than $8 billion annually, and enhance and enable economic growth and vitality in New England.

18,000 people employed at Massport facilities, 95% fo jobs are held by Massachusetts residents. $43,000 is the average annual income from jobs at Logan Airport. Today, companies at Massachusetts Port Authority facilities employ more that 18,000 people. As many as 100,000 private sector jobs in the region are either directly or indirectly supported by this company and developments. All told, activities contribute almost $8.7 billion to the local economy and nearly $670 million in tax revenue to state,local and federal governments. - According to CEO Craig P.Coy and Chairman John A.Quelch

Job Openings at Massachusetts Port Authority

At the heart of any regional economy are the unique leading industries that power the economy and define the local job market. Greater Boston's leading industries support half of all the jobs in the region. Together, the five leading industries employed more than 720,000 people in the region in 2004 and sustained more than 100,000 additional jobs in supplier industries.

Logan Airport - Your Jobs at Logan International Airport

Connections to the global economy begin at Logan International Airport. More than 26 million passengers passed through Logan Airport's doors in 2004, and with 4.2 million international passengers, Logan Airport is one of the nation's busiest international gateways. Logan offered direct flights to 27 international and 72 domestic destinations. In 2004, activities associated with Logan Airport pumped an average of $19 million a day into local economy. From airport-based businesses,such as the airlines and hotels, to the many support industries needed to maintain airport operations, the impact of Logan's economic benefits is felt statewide and beyond.

Massachusetts Port Authority - The Port of Boston

In 2004,the Port of Boston handled 1.5 million tons of cargo,connecting business with new opportunities and local residents with the products they need, with an emphasis on keeping shipping costs competitive. Cruiseport Boston hosted 95 vessels carrying about 200,000 passengers in 2004, supported 2,247 direct jobs,$33.4 million in state and local taxes, and $449.3 million in total annual economic impact.
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Massachusetts Port Authority - Hanscom Field

A New England's Premier Full-Service Corporate and General Aviation Facility. 179,609 civilian aircraft operations connected individuals and businesses to countless opportunities. Hanscom generates significant economic impact and supports 462 direct jobs,$9.6 million in state and local taxes, $65.4 million in local purchases and $180.6 million in total annual economic impact.

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