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Book Reviews In this page, you'll find the links of career book reviews of the site They are Recrulter Headhunter / Food Jobs / Principals of Marketing / The New Rules of Marketing and PR / Sales & Marketing Careers / 101 Best Resumes / 101 Best Cover Letters / Guerrilla Networking / The Wellness Revolution / How Small Business Trade Worldwide / Power Principles. In every Book Reviews you can find the Key Points and Table of Content, as well as the About the Author.

Become An Arthor
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Now that so many authors have the option to self-publish their work, there is a perception that turning a word-processed manuscript into a printed book is a simple process. Professional publishing houses like Austin Macauley Publishers™ actually put each manuscript through a series of transformations to guarantee that it is both accurate and attractive to read, thus creating high-quality work worthy of a prime spot on any bookshelf.

There are many career paths that require good writing skills. If you’re passionate about telling stories, becoming an author may be right for you. Understanding the steps to become an author gives you direction on the type of experience and background you need to have a distinguished writing career. In this article, we explain what an author is, the different types of authors, how to become one and provide steps and tips for success.How to Become an Arthor

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