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About Me and For-Your-Dream-Career


Thanks to everyone stop by to visit this web site. Thanks to Charles H.Petras - My husband He passed away three months after this website created. He had dedicated and supported me to start creating this web site, in many many ways.

My desire is to provide marketing related career information to YOU. Some of the information were from my past experience like import export business and aviation field. Some were from public sources that I believe were most useful information for the future marketing career trend. I would be more than happy to share my real experience in China, and say whatever I feel true. It's all for YOUR dream career need.

My name is Qing Lin Petras. Qing Lin is my Chinese name, it means Forest Ever Green. Probably my parents wanted me kept fresh mind every time ... I like this name. Petras is my husband's last name. He was an America born Greek guy, a veteran of World War II and Korean War. He was the best in my life, in this world.

I was born in Beijing - capital of China, and graduated in Guangzhou (also named Canton) China, obtained my bachelor degree in English and Foreign Trade at Guangdong Foreign Language & Foreign Trade College. I worked and lived in this city for 32 years.About Me

My career for over 20 years was import and export business in China. Prior to my current business, I was a Chief Executive Officer of a government owned foreign trade corporation for 15 years, and an Executive Director of World Trade Center Association in Guangzhou China, for 13 years.

Many Chinese folks envy my job, for I got a nice income, a power position with a big company, and can travel around the world...But me, I felt that's not my life. I got tired of managing a company but with no authority of hiring and firing people; I get bored back and forth attending trade shows, marketing products, reporting to headquarter. Most of all, I was responsible loss and profits for the company, but was not allowed to make my decision when Headquarter wanted to use my company for any purposes of his need. I was in risky and got far less pay of what I should get. It was not worthy to stay with. About that time I was kept thinking and dreaming, when I can have a job of I love, of my own, and freedom too.

For several years I looked around for a home business model that I dreamed. Some international recruiters provided me positions of foreign trade coordinator like but I didn't take it as I had to travel away from home, I didn't want to leave my husband along home. Then for two years I tried to work for a direct marketing company. I stayed home and made nice checks, but I didn't like it, because it was completely not my business type. About Me

                                                  About Me                              
                                How I Found This Web Business

Before creating For-Your-Dream-Career.com by using SiteSell technology, I was looking for a web hosting company to register a domain name for creating a landing page for my affiliate product by using Google AdWords.

I searched at Google and found four best ranking web hosting companies from the list, I gave a quick look at each of them, but could not make decision which one I should pick. They all described themselves as the best in the world.

One named SiteSell.com caught my eyes as it provided more features than the others. I thought I just need a hosting company for creating my landing page, nothing beyond that, the simple, the easier the better. I registered it without hesitate and started Day One course.

It was a big big surprise to me when the first day I started to read. This company was not merely a hosting service provider like thousands of others, far far beyond that. SBI! provide you a Complete Web Business!

Before went further to read the course, I searched related info about Dr.Ken Evoy, owner, founder of SBI. This is the way I always do when starting a new business.

Dr.Ken's CTPM business approaching and Turtle Philosophy appealed to me. He realized that the average business person needs more than some information in books, no matter how good. S/he needs both the C T P M process and an all-in-one Web site hosting, building and marketing suite of tools that enables them to execute the process flawlessly. To this day, SBI! is unique.

Right at that moment, I made my mind:" forget landing page, and affiliate program, just trash it for now, why just a landing page, I will make my own web business."

It was a hard hard business journal since then. But it is an Unexpected Solution to me. I still keep my full time job for American Airline at Logan Airport while my niche web keep growing, everyday. I stayed with SBI for two years since then. Now I am in happiness:

Many of pages listing in top 10 at Google. This result was unexpected to me. Have a look at this hundred of
successful SBI websites

To me myself, having this online business is an exercise in my personal development, it does in many many ways. Perhaps the greatest benefit to me is that learning all the way since I started, enjoying all the process when my site is growing. And also something that can generate income for me, for the rest of my life. This is the best part of my dream.

This is all About Me. If you would like to contact me with any comments, questions and suggestions, please summit the form at bottom of this page.

About Me and For-Your-Dream-Career

关于我, 及我的网页

我的网页: For-Your-Dream-Career.com 自2006年9月出版以来,从没试过中文来编辑, 只因我的网页主题是朝着美国小型企业界就业市场的思路发展的, 读者看不了中文,我的大部分信息是为帮助美国本土人了解职业市场趋势及选择适合他们的职业通道而做. 再一个原因就是 SITESELL 编辑体系除英文以外不接受其它外文编辑, 故我一直无法传输我及我网页的更新资讯, 直至 2011年11月9号, SITESELL.COM 发表公告, 公司所有 WEBSITE OWNERS 可以用他们喜欢的任何语言编辑自己的网页了!

感谢所有来拜访这个网站的读者. 感谢查里.哈瑞.彼德拉斯,我的丈夫.他在这个网站出世后的三个月去世.(2006年12月) 他以他的方式全力支持,帮助我创立了这个网站. 我叫林青, 出生于北京- 中国的首都, 成长在南昌,南京和广州.在广州郊区大廊的广东外贸学院毕业. 我来美国前的二十多年职业生涯是在政府公司做进出口贸易,就这么在广州一呆就是32年.

在创立"梦想的职业" 网页之前, 我通过加盟 Google 的一个项目,叫Google Adwords, 为汽车商作广告, 赚取相当丰厚的佣金. 那段时间, 我一直在市场徘徊,找有一定份量的网络主持公司,打算 注册一个我自己域名的网站, 将汽车广告生意扩展下去. 一个偶然的机会, 发现了一个叫 SITESELL.COM 公司, 报着试一试的想法注册了会员,该产品有60天试用期, 不行则退掉, RETURN POLICY 在美国是最快捷的消费者保护法规. 接下来发生的是, 我那一霎间的尝试,怎么也想不到, 再没回头,没有退货,也没再继续那汽车广告的生意. 我接受了这个产品: 一个全新的网络生涯. 几年来, SITESELL 一步一步教我, 从一张白纸, 到一盘完整的生意: 梦想的职业 - 迄今, 该网页有 271 个页面, 18% 排列在 Google,Yahoo,Ask and Bing 等当今世界主流的搜索引擎的首页首条链接. 如果你在 Google search box 键入: International Sales Cover Letter(国际营销应聘信函), Logan Airport Job (就业罗根国际机场) 等关键字,你会看到我的网页名列首页. 我的网页拜访量还很少, 与SITESELL 公司同僚相比, 我是乌龟, 慢得很,但我不太在乎, 因为这些年来,网页点击率只上不下, 拜访人次上个月计 23,690 人, 阅读页面 49,058 次, 来访国家 161 个. 就我自己而言, 我是满意的. 因为没有哪种生意, 能让你坐在家里,从不上门推销,却名声在外, 真的, 比我前20年满世界参展推销还管用.

这里很有必要提一下Dr.Ken Evoy, 加拿大医学博士, 是 SITESELL INC 的创立人, 也是 "互联网初立 - 主持 - 完成市场体系 - 最后让网页筑成你的梦想" SITE BUILT IT ! 发起人. Dr.Evoy 也是一个作家, 他的电子商业书及教材帮助那些小型企业界(一到十个雇员那种)及家庭试办公室一类的小公司在网上得以销售其产品和服务. SITESELL 让世界上成千上万的个人及小型生意在网路上获得成功. 他说:"Creating Credibility For Yourself Before Selling..." "Know Your Readers and Know What They Wanted, Not What You Wanted! "Slow and steady. The way of the tortoise leads to a tortoise success factor ...." 中文是: 在销售之前, 建起你个人的信誉, 首先弄清楚你的网络读者想什么, 要什么. (不是你自己,是大众,他们) 慢慢来,但持之以恒. 乌龟终会赛过跑兔,抵达成功的终点.他这个网络营销理念贯穿在他所有的SBI 产品中.这就是我为何决定建立网站的缘由之一.

这是个艰难的旅程,但在我的美国职业生涯中,这才刚开始, 我喜欢这种模式, 不仅仅是钱的因素,做的过程中也不断在自我挑战和人性上的自我完善. 上面是我要说的我,及我的网页. 谢谢你花时间浏览这个网页.如你需要联络我,请填妥下面的表格,我会尽力提供你需要的信息.


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