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How To Build a Website that gets you Free Traffic

Build a Web Site The first thing you need to do after you have registered online for your risk-free trial, is to download the 'Action Guide'. This guide explains exactly what you do to get started and in what order. Using their guidance to establish what sort of a site you are hoping to achieve, you then consider registering your site name. This is where the formula first starts to work.

It enables you to know in advance which site names would be likely to attract a lot of visitors and saves you from making the common mistake of calling your site something which you think sounds great, but which might result in your new site having very little traffic. Using the 'LookAndFeel' selector you pick out a template which suits your site theme, whether a dating web site? Or a school web site. In minutes you can have the look of your site worked out.

You could Build a Web Site look wonderful here if you want to. Be creative, there are thousands of combinations for you to chose from.(I didn't because looks are not so important to me. A simple, clean web site layout is all I wanted.)
When you have registered your new name see the guide to find how to Build a Web Site pages in a way that satisfies your visitors, as well as the search engines.

                         Build a Web Site That Gets You Free Traffic

Page Building Building each page is really an interesting part in Build a Web Site with SBI. You just type your new page into 'Word'(any text editor will do), then using simple guidelines you write the file name, title, keywords, description, headline and body text for that page. When you are ready to make your new page, you log into 'Site Build It' and click the 'Add A Page' button. This opens up a 'New Page' template where you just fill in the boxes with your new page information using copy and paste How to Build a Website

Next you click 'Preview' to see exactly what your new page will look like, and make any amendments to make your page look perfect. Then comes the best bit. Clicking 'Analyze' will check that you have built the page in a way that will satisfy the search engines to ensure a good search engine position. This ensures that every page is make correctly and makes specific recommendations if changes are needed. Follow the Action Guide when Build a Web Site, step by step, you simply can't get it wrong!

If all is well you then click 'Build It' and your page is built for you automatically and put onto your site, then submitted to all of the major search engines for you. You might have spotted here that you haven't had to use any HTML, or learn any clever software in order to build your site. Honestly, using 'Site Build It'the only skills required to put a site together just like this one(but probably better looking!)is the ability to type, copy and paste! If this all sounds too simple for you, don't be fooled. You can upload your html pages directly if you like and it doesn't all stop once you have built your pages How to Build a Website

As soon as you Build a Web Site of your first page their automated system swings into action for you, submitting your pages to all the relevant search engines in exactly the right way. This means you can get on with building the next page, leaving them to maximize your search engine exposure.

To Build a Web Site That Really SUCCEED In the 'Site Build It' Traffic Center, you can access many really useful tools. Indeed, it is unlikely that you'll need anything else unless you plan to make a really complicated site later(and even then, they can probably help you).

Among these tools is 'Search Engine HQ'. Here you have a listing of every page you have built and alongside each page, a keyword ranking report. This shows you how each page ranks for its specific keyword, in all of the major search engines. You can also find here the date that each page was submitted to the search engines, the date that the search engine spiders last visited each page and the date that each page was listed. Imagine the time you would take to do all that for each of your 150 pages.

Another tool is the 'Traffic Statistics' tool. As the name implies, this tells you how many visitors your site has received and where they came from. This tool is complimented by another tool called 'Click Data'. In 'Click Data' you can see exactly how many visitors viewed each page and whether your visitor then clicked to a link on that page. Used together, all these tools give you a really good idea of whether each page is working or not. You can tell if your visitors and the search engines like each page, and when you make a change you can tell what effect it has on search engine rank, number of visitors and visitor action Build a Web Site

To help you find quality sites to exchange links with, use their 'Value Exchange HQ.'Simply type in your site keywords and the robot looks for matches from sites already interested in exchanging links. If you would like to exchange links with the sites it finds for you, simply click 'yes' and an email will sent out to them requesting a link back. Once you have joined you can also expect to receive emails requesting a link exchange from sites relevant to your theme. This will save you hours and really help to drive quality, targeted traffic to your site.

I am convinced that no other company can show you how to Build a Web Site which naturally attracts so much Free Traffic.The Site Build It system works for everyone, from people with no web making experience at all, right up to expert webmasters. Indeed, many start with zero web making knowledge, like me myself, and quickly end up to Build a Web Site for others, using Site Build It.
See a fast Step-By-Step Demo. of how SBI! works, or get straight on board with the winners and Build a Web Site, by using Site Build It Build a Web Site

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