Commission Affiliate Program
You Earn Lifetime Commission By Joining This Affiliate Program

Commission Affiliate Program
An affiliate is, quite simply, a middleman. You send visitors to a merchant's Web site that you are representing. If they buy or complete a required action, for example, fill in a form, or make a sale, the merchant pays you a commission. For example: You have a good site about flowers. You get lots of people visiting your website. Then you sign up as an affiliate with a flower company. The company give you a code with your affiliate identity in it. You place this code on your site.

We assume a visitor named Tom comes to visit your site and clicks on the links on your site, it takes them through to the flower company which you sign up with, and a "cookie" tells this flower company that you sent them. If Tom not just visit the company but also make a sale with the company, you earn a commission. (As opposed to Adsense, where I earn per click, with affiliates program, you earn per action (i.e. a sale, a sign up, a quote... it vary from the suppliers)Commission Affiliate Program

Another example:
You've created a fun site about New York City. Tens of thousands of people search for information on all kinds of topics on New York, every day... They find your site... They read your pages, enjoy your content, and check out your recommendations. And they click your link to go to to book a cheap flight. You get paid a commission. And they click your link to and book a hotel room. You receive another commission Finally, they click your link to to buy a New York tour book and street map.You get one more time on that commission! Commission Affiliate Program

Where To Find It?

Affiliate program has been existing for years since 1999; probably was the first one who launched its affiliate program in marketing. Today there are millions of affiliate programs out there, and I believe that not many of them worked to the most average people. The Best Affiliate Programs

Let’s try to input the term” best affiliate programs” into search box, or you can narrow this keyword based on what your niche is if you want, for example "internet affiliate program", or "home mom affiliate"... it came up about over a million websites related to the keyword "best affiliate programs" on result page. You can select two to three top links at that page, then do the following steps:

  • Search Alexa Traffic Ranking, know what’s the traffic rank of this affiliate program, just put the website name in Site Info box at top right corner, you will see the result in a second. The traffic ranking number is the lower the better, a site that ranks at 1,000,000 or better (lower) is in the Top 1% of all those 100,000,000 + sites.

  • Check affiliate network websites to see what those affiliate professionals recommended. If you don't have any information in your mind, you can go to and is the best place to go, There is enough information worthy you a while, you don’t need to go deeply by now.

  • After finishing the above steps, you probably already have some affiliate programs ideas in your mind. Keep them, and do further additional research later.

Evaluating The Best Affiliate Programs Potential

This step is the most time consumed part in researching a best Commission Affiliate Program. If you really want to build your affiliate business on a solid foundation, quality merchant-partners and product are essential. So find good programs and eliminate poor ones. The Action Guide(click right image) is the actual guide that SBI! owners ("SBIers") use to build their e-businesses. According to SBIers in a recent poll, the SBI! documentation was voted The #1 Most Valuable Feature of owning SBI!. Brainstorm It! was voted in #2 (including the idea generator, several different ways to brainstorm keyword, and special tools such as the decision-maker). Watch for the following criteria as you evaluate potential programs:

  • High quality product or service
  • Merchant has a good site that sells effectively
  • Ability for affiliate to link straight to individual products, rather than just to the home page. (If the visitor has to find the product that you recommend, your Conversion Rate plummets.)
  • Type of payment model: Pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead are good. This is true performance marketing If your referred visitor delivers the desired response, you get paid.
  • Must be free (no charge) to join, no need to buy the product.
  • Affiliate Support which is including:

    • Accurate, reliable real-time online accounting, preferable with kind of ability to "audit" by spot-checking
    • Detailed traffic and linking stats
    • Notification by e-mail when a sale is made
    • Useful marketing assistance, provides traffic-building and sales-getting tools
    • High-quality newsletter that educates, trains, and accounts for amounts earned
    • Professional marketing materials available
    • Affiliates receive discount on products

  • Pays good commission--hard goods have lower margins than digital ones. So their commissions will be lower. Still, you should make at least 10% (hard good) pr 20% (digital good) on any product that you recommend. Don't be scared off by low-priced products if they offer a good % commission --- the lower dollar value per sale is offset by the higher sales volume.
  • Lifetime commission --if the program pays a commission on future sales of other products to customers that you refer, this is a huge plus.
  • Two-tier commission -- if the program pays a commission on affiliates who join because of you, this is also great.
  • Lifetime cookie -- do you receive a commission if the person you referred returns and buys within one month? Three months? The cookie that tracks this should not expire. This policy should also be backed by database-matching -- that way, a merchant can still identify a customer should the cookie be deleted, the company can even re-write the cookie in that case. We say this is a true lifetime cookie. The Best Affiliate Programs

                                     Commission Affiliate Program
                                       Is This a Good One for You?

If you have done some research mentioned above earlier, you probably have some affiliate programs in your mind, Yes or No, good or bad, it doesn't matter. To me, I choose Site Build It!

Ken Evoy's Site Build It! affiliate program is the most top one to me, and to many many others who are making a living by using this Best Affiliate Programs. The reasons are:

  • A 10-day Affiliate Masters Course of 224 pages focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. This Affiliate Masters Course has been called "the best info on succeeding as an affiliate.." and it's FREE. This 10-days course focus on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion by building income through content. I spent countless hours researching affiliate programs online, and I paid some of them. To be honest, those program were all good one, they provided as much tools to help you as they can, but for some reason they were not workable to me. By now, SBI's Affiliate Masters Course is the only one workable for me and only one, no one else in the marketing, for FREE. The Best Affiliate Programs

  • Another marvelous resource: 5 Pillar Orientation Guide. This guide introduces and its product family, as well as the commission rate for each product. There is one thing different with the other affiliate programs is that SBI has a Limited Number of Affiliates. The company reserve the right to refuse applications at any time, and to terminate the affiliate relationship with any affiliate with a calendar-year total FPSC(First Purchase Sales Commission) in the lower quintile. Commission Affiliate Program

  • 5 Pillar Affiliate Club is the affiliate accounting and status data section that you can access:

    • Accounting
    • The SiteSell Promotion Center
    • The Five Pillar Affliate Report
    • Marketing Tools
    • Remote Order Entry Program
    • Help and Be Helped SBI Forums
    • Track It!
    • Affiliate Support

  • So and forth, the SBI is the only one that Over Deliver their service to its affiliates.You Are Going To Build A Business. Are you interested to become an affiliate? Read this page, there are more information you should know about.

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Commission Affiliate Program

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