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An increasingly skilled workforce is needed to staff a 21-century civilization. Pardon My Planet made this point humorously in a recent cartoon. A young boy says to his father, "Dad, you really should help me with my homework while you still can. Next year I enter the 4th grade." Children today must learn more far sooner than their parents did when they were growing up.

Yet despite the United States spending more on education per student than any country in the world, American students score below students in other advanced economies in every way that educational achievement is measured. High school graduates are less prepared for college, 28 percent of freshman are enrolled in remedial math or English, and fewer than half of freshmen entering college graduate with a degree after four years.

Yet a healthy information-age economy requires workers who can lead and meet the demands of fast-changing workplaces. Many dads and moms who see that their kids need help if they are to pass demanding courses and tests and to succeed in a competitive job market are creating a growing need for a business that has traditionally been done from or at home.

Although for years, parents vitally interested in their children doing well have provided the impetus for tutoring, the emphasis on testing is creating additional reasons for parents to hire tutors. Tutors may be hired by parents or obtain funding under the No Child Left Behind Act. Even in Canada, whose students score markedly ahead of American students, tutoring in English as a second language and mathematics is not uncommon. In addition to academic tutoring of youth, tutors also work with adults, teaching carpentry; plumbing; and sport and hobbyist skills such as tennis, golf, and dancing. Resource:National Tutoring Association.(866-311-6630) Your Education Jobs

Adults are feeling challenged, too. Only one in five adult Americans has the work skills or education to be competitive in the global economy, according to MIT economist Lester Thurow. The speed of technological change is increasing, resulting in new products and information, as well as training in how to use and service them. Some people maintain - and we agree - that remaining economically viable requires a lifelong learning process. These challenges provide the basis of several other education-oriented types of home-based businesses:

Continuing Education and Training Although continuing education may not be a full-time home-based business in itself, teaching continuing education classes offered by college and university extension programs and adult learning companies such a s the Learning Annex are a way to attract clients to any number of businesses, from consulting and financial counseling to personal chefing, photography, and home improvement. Many people decide what they learn to do themselves from a class is more difficult than they anticipated and are sufficiently impressed with the instructor to hire him or her to carry out the task they were hoping to learn how to do. Your Education Jobs Opportunities

Traning is increasingly becoming an Internet-based phenomenon, usually called e-learning, which provides another role for professional trainers, as well as for people who design e-learning courseware and experiences. Resource: American Society for Training and

Technical Writing Changing technology always requires the creation of materials to introduce it to its probable consumers, sell it, explain how to use it, service it, assemble it, install it, and so on. The pace of innovation has been accelerating for over a hundred years, and there's every reason to believe it will continue as innovation shifts abroad, particularly to China, which is investing heavily in science and technology. Technical Writers also will find work making technologies created abroad understandable and usable by English-speaking sales engineers and technicians. Resource: Society for Technical Communication.(703)

High Education Jobs Resource: Home-Based Business For Dummies - Authors: Paul Edwards and Sarah Edwards

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