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Security Consulting Jobs
For Rising Physical and Property Security Needs. How many of us have transitioned from breathing a sigh of relief at security check-ins, to getting irritation at the lines and hassle, to accepting it as part of everyday reality? This is reflected in the finding that three out of four adults believe it likely that the United States will suffer more major terrorist attacks. The challenges of both protecting ourselves and our assets from terrorists, crooks, and exploiters of computer vulnerabilities while maintaining an open society have created pressing demands for a variety of security needs. The result is industries, such as data recovery, that require special training; other industries involve adapting one's existing experience and know-how to new niches in the security field. Specializing in this field is important because it enables a home-based businessperson to more easily identify, reach, and gain the respect of clients, be they accountants, architects, attorneys, or any other industry needing security services. Here are some existing specialties:

Security Consulting Some security consultants sell products from which they earn commissions; others provide expertise and are paid by the hour or on a per-project basis. They write plans and design and install systems. Areas of specialization include

  • Cusomer theft and product piracy
  • Electronic security systems
  • Employee theft
  • Intangibles like client lists and proprietary technology
  • Real estate and tangible property

Site Consulting Security is an issue for virtually every building and office, from high-tech industrial complexes to distribution centers, retail stores, self-storage facilities, housing developments, hotels, resorts, casinos, parking lots, and hospitals. Site consultants help businesses and institutions address security concerns about their facilities. They evaluate the physical design of buildings and spaces. They determine what security problems a sites poses and recommend countermeasures, from guards to electronic security with cameras and electric lights, or a combination of such methods and policies.

System Design Security system designers prevent security problems before they begin by developing specifications and providing architectural or engineering support during the design phase of a security consulting project. Systems designers may also develop new electronic security tools to be used at specific locations.

Forensic Consulting Forensic security consultants step in after security problems have already occurred. They serve as expert witnesses in trials in which security breaches are at issue, such as those involving fires, thefts, break-ins, and so on. Forensic consultants may focus on any of the security specialties.

                  Common Security Consultant Jobs and Opportunities

  • Association Management Service
  • Background Checking
  • Electronic Security System
  • Forensic Consulting
  • Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Professional
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Professional Investigator
  • Security Consultant
  • Site Consulting
  • Systems Designer
  • Senior Security Analyst
  • Security System Technician
  • Security Sales Representative

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Security Consulting Jobs

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