Electronic Environment Business Opportunities

Electronic Environment Business Opportunities - What are the implications for home based business? The self-employed, particularly consultants, construction tradesmen. World Bank Aims to Hone Business Environment for the Digital Age. The World Bank is creating a new tool to help policymakers and investors evaluate how successful different governments are in meeting the challenges of recovery and competitiveness. Gary Litman Senior Vice President, Global Initiatives,U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Universal Connectivity Has
    Gone to Pricing Plans

Electronic Environment Business Opportunities Universal connectivity has gone from dream to pricing plans. The appliances needed to connect to the world and to access virtually anything from virtually anywhere keep decreasing in size. New software coming onto the market, combined with wireless transmission of electronic waves, will enable communication over a broad range of frequencies, bandwidths, and transmission standards while maintaining a constant Internet connection even when traveling from state to state or nation to nation.

The emerging fabric of wireless broadband connections, the Global Positioning System(GPS), and radio frequency identification tags(RFID)led Ed Zander, CEO of Motorola, to declare in USA Today,"The big change is going to be when the Internet follows you, not you trying to follow the Internet. It's just there. Your life is just affected the way it's affected today by the lights in a room." Electronic Environment Business Opportunities

E-waste Turning a Challenge
  into Business Advantage

E-waste has traditionally been classified as computers, servers, monitors, tablets, printers, and cell phones. In today’s tech-enabled world, this term includes many more products used in households and businesses—household appliances and devices, toys, tools, music, cars, and wearables. When these goods reach the end of their useful life, they become e-waste. According to the 2020 UN Global E-waste Monitor, e-waste is the world’s largest waste stream globally, often contains materials that are conflict-ridden and toxic to human health and the environment, and very little is recycled. E-waste also contains valuable materials, such as cobalt, lithium, palladium, copper, and gold, whose value is lost when not recovered through recycling channels. Article Source

Electronic Environment
Business Opportunities

What are the implications for home-based businesses? First, the self-employed, particularly consultants, will have the equivalent of a support staff for tasks such as making travel arrangements, presentations, and getting needed information delivered automatically wherever they are. This will will lower overhead costs and equalize the playing field between the one-person company and larger companies. Second, for more people home will be anywhere or nowhere, making it possible to live and work in an RV or out of a suitcase, as well as respond to instant work opportunities, such as the demand for construction tradesmen, insurance adjusters, and others following a natural or manmade disaster. We'll be able to freely follow the markets for the kind of work we want to do and live in the variety of places we want to live.

A business that has already emerged that has continuing growth potential is selling what you have, make, or acquire on the Web from this trend. If you have a product to market or are a collector of anything from toasters to toilet seats, you can make the world your market on the Internet as aWeb merchant/auction trader. Ask anyone to name five businesses that have thrived beyond the dotcom meltdown, and eBay would come up high on everyone's list. Although it's the most popular trading site, eBay isn't the only auction site being used by collectors, merchants, liquidators, and hundreds of thousands of home-based sellers. Other sites include Bidville and Ubid and the auction sections of Amazon, Yahoo!, and Overstock.com. Some common home-based Electronic Environment Business Opportunities include the following:

  • Computer Consultant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Repair
  • Desktop Video
  • Disc Jockey Service
  • Environmental Assessor
  • Insurance Adjuster
  • Microfarming
  • Mobile Screen Repair
  • New Media/Multimedia Production
  • Remodeling Contractor
  • Self-employed Consultant
  • Travel Consultant
  • Travel Agent/Outside Salesperson
  • Web Site Designer
  • Web Merchant/Auction Trader
  • Webmaster

Electronic Environment Business Opportunities

Opportunities Running by the Government

  • Research & Development
  • Special studies and analysis - not R&D
  • Architect and engineering services
  • Information technology services, including telecommunications services
  • Purchase of structures & facilities
  • Natural resources & conservation services
  • Social services
  • Quality control, testing & inspection services
  • Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment
  • Modification of equipment
  • Technical representative services
  • Operation of Government-owned facilities
  • Installation of equipment
  • Salvage services
  • Medical services
  • Professional, administrative, and management support services
  • Utilities and housekeeping services
  • Photographic, mapping, printing, & publication services
  • Education & training services
  • Transportation, travel, & relocation services
  • Lease or Rental of equipment
  • Lease or rental of facilities
  • Construction of structures and facilities
  • Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property

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