Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities

Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities
Once you decide you're going to start your own Home Based Business, you're left with two questions: Exactly what kind of home-based business should start, and what's the best way to market your products or services?

What Kind of Business Will it Be

There are two major types of home-based businesses: businesses you start from scratch and businesses you can buy. The latter category of home-based business is further split into three types: franchises, direct selling, and business opportunities. Whether you prefer to march to your own drummer or get a business-in-a-box depends on your personal preferences: whether you like to create systems(or follow those of others) and how much structure you like.

Each type of home business that you can buy, on the other hand, has its own spin. Here are examples of the three different types of Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities:

Home Business Franchise

A franchise is an agreement in which one business grants another business the right to distribute its products or services. Some common home-based franchises include the following:

  • American Leak Detection(water/gas leak detection)
  • Merry Maids(cleaning service)
  • Kinderdance International(teaching dance to preschoolers)
  • Terminix Termite and Pest Control(pest control)

Direct Sales Opportunities

Direct Selling involves selling consumer products or services in a person-to-person manner, away from a fixed retail location. Some common home-based direct-selling opportunities include the following:

  • Amway/Quixtar(household cleaning products)
  • Discovery Toys,Inc.(toys)
  • Mary Kay,Inc.(cosmetics)
  • Nikken,Inc.(wellness technology)

Home based Business Opportunities Review

A business opportunity or Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities - is an idea, product, system, or service that someone else develops and offers to sell to others to help them start their own, similar business.(One way to think of a business opportunity is that it's any business concept you can buy from someone else that's not direct-selling or a franchise.) Your customers and clients pay you directly when you deliver a product or service to them. Here are several examples of business opportunities that can easily be run out of one's home:

  • Balloon Wrap,Inc.(balloon gift wrap)
  • Cardservice International(transaction service provider)
  • Home Video Studio,Inc.(video studio)
  • Rhino Linings USA,Inc.(truck bed liners)

                       Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities
                                Top Ten Opportunities for the Future

Over the years Paul and Sarah (author of Home-Based Business For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) have found that when it comes to hot new businesses, what's hot today is cold tomorrow. So in selecting businesses to profile for their Best Home Businesses books, the most recent of which is The Best Home Businesses for People 50+, they rely on scouting long range trends. The list of Top Ten Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities Now and for the Future is as follows:

  • Jobs for Seniors On The Maturing Population

    • Judgment Recovery Business
    • Daily Money Management
    • In-home Care
    • Personal-chef Services
    • Pet Services
    • Geriatric Care Management
    • Professional Advice
    • Relocation Services
    • Retirement Counseling
    • Tour Packaging
    • Elder Services:Elder Relocation Services
    • Virtual Retirement Communities

  • Population Growth Creates Many Best Home Based Business

    • Cleaning Services
    • Drafting/Design using CAD
    • Handyman Work
    • Ceramics
    • Manufacturer's Representative
    • Independent Sales Representative
    • Home Inspection
    • Insurance Sales and Independent Adjusting
    • Landscape and Garden Design and Installation
    • Real Estate Sales and Specialties
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Remodeling Contracting
    Home Based Business Ideas

  • The Electronic Environment Business Opportunities

    • Computer Consultant
    • Computer Programmer
    • Computer Repair
    • Desktop Video
    • Disc Jockey Service
    • Web Site Designer
    • Webmaster
    • Environmental Assessor
    • Web Merchant and Auction Trader

  • Economic Globalization and Opportunities

    • Medical Billing
    • Medical Transcription Service
    • Medical Coding
    • Medical Claims Assistance
    • Professional and Hospital Bill Auditing
    • New Media/Multimedia Production

  • Home Based Employment

    • Computer Consultants
    • Interim or Contract Executives
    • Virtual Assistants(VAs)
    • Business Broker
    • Business Network Organizer
    • Business-plan Writer
    • Direct Seller/Network Marketer
    • Newsletter Publishing
    • Meeting and Event Planning

  • Living Off The Grid

    • Solar Energy Installation
    • Restoration Services
    • Bed-and-Breakfast Inns
    • RV and Boat Owners
    • Remodeling Contractor

  • Security Consultant Job

    • Security Consulting
    • Site Consulting
    • Systems Design
    • Forensic Consulting
    • Retail Loss Prevention
    • Security Engineering and Design
    • Professional Investigator
    • Security Sales,Equipment and Services

  • Higher Education Jobs Opportunities

    • Continuing Education and Training
    • Technical Writing
    • Copywriter
    • Tutoring:Computer Tutoring/Training
    • Scholastic Tutoring
    • Coach
    • Export Agent
    • Caterer and Personal Chef
    • Image Consultant
    • Personal Shopper and Clothing Sales
    • Microfarming

  • Home Health Care Business Opportunities

    • Fitness Trainer/Coach
    • In-home Health Care
    • Mediation
    • Medical Billing Service
    • Medical Coding
    • Medical Transcription
    • Growing Organic Food
    • Family Child-care Provider

  • Luxuries as Necessities
    • Judgment Recovery Business
    • Pet Sitting
    • Pet Groomer
    • Pet Party Giving
    • Pet Walking/Training
    • Plant Caregiver
    • Photography
    • Gift-basket Service
    • Travel Writer
    • Travel Consultant
    • Travel Agent/Outside Salesperson

Home Based Business Ideas Resource: Home-Based Business For Dummies - Authors: Paul Edwards and Sarah Edwards

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