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Massport connects New England to the world and promotes the regional economy through the operation of three airports: Boston Logan International Airport, Hanscom Field and Worcester Regional Airport. The Port of Boston cargo and cruise facilities; and property management/real estate development in Boston.Massport Job Openings

Why Massport Is So Great!

Massport Fact Sheet - Massport Job Openings
Massport employs about 1,400 people, but our facilities – Boston Logan International Airport, the Port of Boston’s containerized cargo, cruise and autoport terminals, L.G. Hanscom Field, Worcester Regional Airport, and real estate holdings in South Boston and East Boston – employ more than 18,000.

Over 100,000 private sector jobs are directly or indirectly supported by Massport facilities.
Five members are appointed by the Governor, one member is appointed by the Massport CAC (Community Advisory Committee), and one is the Secretary of Transportation and CEO of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Massport is self-supporting and a recent economic impact report estimates that Massport contributes $18 billion a year in total economic impact.

Massport’s enabling act allows the Authority to operate its facilities, impose fees on those using the facilities, and to issue revenue bonds. The bonds support our ability to maintain, operate and to extend, enlarge and improve our facilities.

Massport has the power to acquire property by purchase or through the exercise of eminent domain in certain circumstances. Massport has no taxing power. Massport's bonds and notes do not constitute a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Massport Job Openings

Job Opportunities The Human Resources team is committed to provide the highest level of value-added programs and services to maximize the full potential of our unique, specialized and diverse workforce. We are dedicated to nurturing and enhancing a workplace culture that supports and promotes our employees’ commitment to performance excellence in achieving Massport’s strategic business goals and objectives.

Benefits Specialist The Benefits Specialist position is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-paced and dynamic transportation agency.  The Benefits Specialist will play a key role on the Benefits & Wellness team which is responsible for managing, interpreting and communicating benefit plans and policies as well as corporate wellness initiatives.

Aviation Energy Manager Serves as Aviation Energy Manager in the Technical Services department and advises Facilities Department Managers  issues relating to energy management including, but not limited to, electrical energy, natural gas and water conservation, mechanical, HVAC and electrical systems efficiency and reliability.

Controller Responsible for the proper accounting and reporting of the Authority’s assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, cash flows, and other appropriate accounts, in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), accounting procedures prescribed under the Authority’s Trust Agreement, and reports required under the Federal Uniform Guidance.

Deputy Chief Legal Counsel Reporting to the Chief Legal Counsel, provides in-house legal advice to the Massachusetts Port Authority’s administrative and operating departments in compliance with Massport’s policies and procedures and applicable law.

Human Resources Assistant The Human Resources Assistant position is an exciting opportunity for a candidate to gain HR experience while working for a dynamic and fast-paced transportation agency. This position is ideal for a recent college graduate who is interested in expanding their skills and abilities within the HR arena.

Massport Job Openings

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