Automobile Sales Careers

Automobile Sales Careers
Most automobile salespersons and administrative workers spend their time at shared desks or nearby offices in dealer showrooms. The competitive nature of selling is stressful. Employment in automobile dealer is expected to decline due to restructuring of dealer networks by major domestic auto manufacturers. Opportunities will be good for salespersons and customer service representatives with related experience and computer skills, and for automotive service technicians who have several years of experience or are ASE-certified.

Key Points of 
Automobile Sales Careers

  • Employment is expected to decline as industry consolidation continues
  • Opportunities should be favorable for automotive service technicians who complete formal training programs
  • Workers who have a college degree and previous sales experience will have the best opportunities for sales jobs
  • Average weekly earnings are higher than in other retail industries

Nature of the Industry

Automobile dealer is the link between the manufacturer of the automobile and the U.S. consumer. With their large inventories of cars, dealers provide consumers with a wide array of vehicles to meet their needs at different price points.

The automobile dealer industry sells most of the automobiles, light trucks, and vans that operate on the road today. Sales of these vehicles are subject to changing consumer tastes, the popularity of the manufacturer's vehicle models, and the intensity of competition with other dealers. Along with the sale of the car, most auto mobile dealers also sell additional automobile-related services to potential buyers. Automobile Sales Careers

Auto Jobs and Careers. These services include extended warranties, undercoating, insurance, and financing. Aftermarket sales departments sell these services and other merchandise after vehicle salespersons have closed a deal. Sales of these packages greatly increase the revenue generated for each vehicle sold. Because sales of automobiles fluctuate significantly, automotive dealers offer generous incentives, rebates, and financing deals during slow periods to maintain high sales volumes and to reduce inventories.

Performing repair work on vehicles is another profitable service provided in this industry. Service departments at motor vehicle dealers provide repair services and sell accessories and replacement parts. Although most service departments perform repairs only, some dealers also have body shops to do collision repair, refinishing, and painting. The work of the service department has a major influence on customers' satisfaction and willingness to purchase future vehicles from the dealer. Automobile Sales Careers

2022 Automotive Industry Trends

Overall global car sales will continue to grow, but the annual growth rate is expected to drop from the 3.6 percent over the last five years to around 2 percent by 2030. This drop will be largely driven by macroeconomic factors and the rise of new mobility services such as car sharing and e-hailing.

Auto Sector Is Underperforming in 2022 As the economy recovered from the worst of the pandemic, investors started believing in a multi-year recovery in the market beginning in 2021. However, industry forecasters took down expectations for light-vehicle production in 2021 every quarter throughout the year. The reason was the global semiconductor shortage created by a combination of a lack of previous investment in automotive chip production, ongoing issues around production created by COVID-19, and an underlying increase in demand. According to

For Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics
Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to show little or no change from 2020 to 2030. 2021 Median Pay for technicians and mechanics was $46,880 per year. Number of jobs were 703,800 in 2020.Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to show little or no change from 2020 to 2030.

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