Home Health Care Business Opportunities

Home Health Care Business Opportunities - Home Business in the Health Care field that can do well include the: Fitness / Trainer; Medical Billing Service; Medical Coding; Medical Transcription; Dietitians & Nutritionist; Caregiver, and Growing ...

Health Care Business Opportunities
Up in Demand and Cost

Health Care Business Opportunities Spending on health care increases as people grow older, contributing in part to U.S. health-care costs soaring by 59 percent. That's five times the increases in both wages and inflation. One consequence of this is that health-care providers work hard to lower their costs, sometimes by outsourcing back-office services to small independent services, specifically for medical coding, billing,and transcription Health Care Business Opportunities -

At the same time, the high price of traditional health care and the inability to simply get services from traditional health-care providers is spurring the growth of alternative medicine both for prevention and treatment. More than one in three Americans use some kind of alternative or complementary health care, such as natural products, breathing exercises, chiropractic care, yoga, massage, and diet-based therapies. Spending on organic foods for example, is growing by 20 percent a year - Home Health Care Business Opportunities

Home Business in the Health Care Field

Health Care Business Opportunities in the health care field that can do well include the following:

Fitness / Instructor / Trainer Jobs for fitness workers are expected to increase much faster than the average for all occupations. Fitness workers should have good opportunities because of continued job growth in health clubs, fitness facilities, and other settings in which fitness workers are concentrated. Aging baby boomers, one group that increasingly is becoming concerned with staying healthy and physically fit, will be the main driver of employment growth in fitness workers. An additional factor is the combination of a reduction in the number of physical education programs in schools with parents' growing concern about childhood obesity. This factor will increase the need for fitness workers to work with children in nonschool settings, such as health clubs. Increasingly, parents also are hiring personal trainers for their children, and the number of weight-training gyms for children is expected to continue to grow. Health club membership among young adults has grown steadily as well, driven by concern with physical fitness and by rising incomes. Resource:Fitness Workers

Medical Billing & Coding Medical billing and coding includes submitting claims to insurance companies or government run policies, such as Medicare, so that a hospital, doctor or healthcare provider can receive payment for services rendered to a patient. For the most part, a medical biller will work in an office building, clinic or billing department of a hospital out of the way of the public eye in most cases. A typical work week for this career consists of 40 hours, whether it is five eight-hour days or four, ten hour days. Resources:American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Medical Transcription Medical transcriptionists produce reports and documents from dictation that doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel have made regarding their patients. As medical personnel employ voice-recognition technologies, the transcriptionists'work becomes editing the documents on-screen. But they are still needed in this $50 billion industry based on the need for records on continuing patient care and to get paid for services from third-party providers, among other uses. Resources: The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI),formally the American Association for Medical Transcription offers free information about the profession.(808)982-2182,(209)527-9620.www.ahdi.org

Growing Organic Food A growing appetite for healthy foods and the desire to avoid produce grown with the use of pesticides or irradiation is propelling market growth for organic grower. Much locally grown produce, fresh herbs, and edible flowers found at farmer's markets, roadside stands, and gourmet restaurants are grown by small growers who practice what is variously called vest pocket or micro farming. People living in warmer climates have the advantage of being able to grow several crops a year. Resources: ATTRA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.(808)346-9140. www.attra.org

Dietitians and Nutritionists Opportunities Become a Nutritionist - Hospitals will continue to employ a large number of dietitians and nutritionists to provide medical nutritional therapy and plan meals. But hospitals also will continue to contract with outside agencies for food service and move medical nutritional therapy to outpatient care facilities, slowing job growth in hospitals relative to food service, outpatient facilities, and other employers.

Elderly Home Care - Caregiving As a Career Every day in the United States, there are approximately 44 million individuals providing care for a senior loved one. In a nutshell, caregiving is anything you do that enhances the quality of life for seniors and helps keep them independent. If you're an individual who cares for a loved one 24/7, it's probably not difficult to see yourself as a family caregiver. Becoming a paid caregiver is a unique job with many joys and rewards, as well as responsibilities and challenges, both physical and emotional. As a Home Instead CAREGiver, you'll meet wonderful people, build fulfilling relationships, and make a difference in the lives of your clients. Resource: HOMEINSTEAD

Resource of Home Health Care Business Opportunities: Home-Based Business For Dummies - Authors: Paul Edwards and Sarah Edwards

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Home Health Care Business Opportunities

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