Health Nutritional Supplements Business Opportunity

Health Nutritional Supplements
Participate in a $100 billion industry, work at home just like more than 50 million households did last year, Make your dream career happen in this booming industry. Today, almost 50 percent of Americans take some sort of Nutritional Supplements, and industry sales for these products exceed $70 billion.

Yet the vitamin and mineral industry has barely scratched the surface of what is possible, for we are just beginning to understand the biochemistry that explains how vitamins, minerals, and other Health Nutritional Supplements work. Said Paul Zane Pilzer at The Wellness Revolution

Nutritional Supplements 
A Growth Opportunities 

  • Purity and detoxification is the leading wellness trend in terms of product launches in 2006. It is followed by vitality and energy, relaxation, skin health and beauty, mental alertness and intelligence and finally virility and fertility.
  • Soft drinks are the leading wellness category in terms of products launched (39.5% in 2006),followed by snacks, confectionery,and dairy.
  • Women aged 36-60 are the key consumer group for wellness food drinks products according to 87% of industry executives, followed by those aged 60+(seniors).
  • Job opportunities in Dietitians and Nutritionists field are growing fast.

  Your Business In
Anti-Aging Products

  • Discover PYCNOGENOL - The unspoiled and natural forest environment source which represents a natural combination of genetically programmed constant proportins of procyanidins,bioflavonoids and organic acids.
  • A product brokerage company providing its unique and innovative UnFranchise® Business Development System
  • Generating lifetime residual income at Market America

 Consumer Spending on
Sports Nutrition Products

  • 2022 Sports Nutrition Trend The pandemic increased the focus on health and wellness for the average consumer. So many people spent more time and energy getting active, reassessing their diet, and filling nutritional gaps. Where sports nutrition products were typically geared toward individuals who attend gyms or fitness centres frequently, there are so many more people interested in health through supplements, functional food and beverages, and protein products, which has expanded the market significantly. Currently, the global sports nutrition market is valued at $15.6 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% from 2020 to 2027.
  • How to attract new sports nutrition consumers:using mainstream health trends to pitch professional-style products.
  • Athletes,bodybuilders,recreational,fitness enthusiasts,weekend sports people and gym-goers are driving market growth.
  • Your Nutritional Supplements Business Opportunity
    To Become A Health and Fitness Educator

Health Nutritional Supplements
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Health Nutritional Supplements Business Opportunities

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