Electrocardiogram Technician Opportunities 

An Electrocardiogram Technician
also known as EKG Technician is a member of the health care team whose primary duty is the performance of electrocardiograms on patients. An electrocardiogram (often abbreviated EKG or ECG) measures the electrical activity of the heart and can be used to diagnose a range of heart diseases. Currently, the jobs for Electrocardiogram Technician have tremendous opportunities for employment. The majority of hospitals and medical clinics employ ECG technicians and are actively recruiting. Electrocardiogram Technician

EKG Technician Overview

Physicians rely on the electrocardiogram test to get an accurate record of the heart's electrical activity. Through their expertise in conducting these tests,ECG technicians provide members of the health care team with valuable information for treating patients with potentially life-threatening cardiac problems.


The primary responsibility as an EKG Technician or Electrocardiogram Technician is to obtain electrocardiograms, which will then be interpreted by a physician. As an ECG technician, you will be expected to know all about the tests you administer and to be well versed in the way your equipment functions. The three main tests you will give to patients are ECGs, 24-hour monitors, and event monitors.

EKGs are the most common procedure you will perform. During this test, you will attach electrodes to a patient's body and take a reading that appears as a graph on a monitor. You must be capable of performing the ECG in all sorts of situations, ranging from the emergency room and the intensive care unit to the outpatient clinic.

To diagnose some cardiac conditions, you will need to test a patient over a 24-hour period using a Holter monitor. The patient will supplement the monitor's recording by keeping a log of any cardiac symptoms. In addition, event recorders may be given to patients for 30 days to record cardiac events.Electrocardiogram Technician

Although a physician is responsible for interpreting the data you collect,you can be of great assistance and can make your job more personally rewarding by easing the anxieties of the cardiac patients you test. It is important to explain the ECG procedures in simple,reassuring language so that your patient will cooperate fully in the testing process.

Education Requirement

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for acceptance in an ECG training program. Some hospitals offer on-the-job training, and some communities offer training in these procedures.

Job Opportunities

Currently, Electrocardiogram Technicians have tremendous opportunities for employment. The majority of hospitals and medical clinics employ ECG technicians and are actively recruiting. In deciding whether this is the right career for you, you should know that full-time and part-time positions are often available. You can usually count on a flexible work schedule because hospitals need this position for evening, night and weekend coverage. To get more detail about job opportunities, please click here at www.lahey.org

Starting Salary

Typical starting pay for this job in the Boston and suburban areas ranges from $23,000 to $28,000 annually.

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