Judgment Recovery Business
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Judgment Recovery Business - Every day hundreds of courts award thousands of judicial judgments in civil cases throughout the nation. Some are small claim judgments for a few hundred dollars. Others are civil judgments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only about twenty percent of these judgments are ever paid by the losing party. Eighty percent of all court awarded judgments go uncollected!

A Recession-Proof Career
Judgment Recovery Business

Christina Smiley, founder of Sierra Judgment Recovery and self-proclaimed opportunity junkie, learned how to profit from this little known market of unpaid debt by helping judgment holders collect. She explained "there was virtually no one who was providing this service. And that once people had been awarded these judgment... 80 percent of them were never paid."

This discovery couldn't have come at a better time; Christina and her husband Terry were part owners of a carpet store and had amassed a large amount of debt. They had three small children and thought that by owning a store they'd have more money and time for their family. Initially it was an exciting time for them, but that dream quickly turned into a nightmare of debt and endless hours at work, as Christina remembers, "We accumulated monstrous debt. We were truly only a few paychecks away from being homeless." Judgment Recovery Business

Big Money in Small Claims

And then she learned about the big money in small claims. Christina focused on learning how to recover judgments for people. She says, "It was trial and error for six months to a year. I buried my nose in civil codes." Christina contacted a number of small businesses in her area to see if they could use her services, and as it turned out, there was plenty of work for her. "These people were overjoyed to give us all of their cases to collect and were more than willing to let me keep 50% of what I collected for them," she says.

In most cases, they had filed away their judgments a few years prior with no hope of ever collecting on them. Christina's business, Sierra Judgment Recovery, gets that money back. These people figured they'd never see any of that money again, so they're more than happy to pay Christina fee.

There is no Up-front Cost

Another attractive aspect of this service is there's no up-front cost to her customers. Any filing fees or costs incurred by Christina are reimbursed to her out of the judgment once it's collected. The customers don't have to pay anything out of their own pocket. From what she says, this is primarily behind-the-scenes work, which makes it an entirely non-confrontational business. She does everything through the court system from seizing debtor bank accounts, garnishing wages and other income, to placing liens on property. Judgment Recovery Business

One year after starting the judgment recovery business, Christina and Terry closed the carpet store. Finally they could work at home and have money left over at the end of the month. They've been running Sierra Judgment Recovery for over 10 years and are bringing in a five-figure paycheck each month. And the most important aspect is they've got more time for their kids. "I can attend their events and my husband gets to go on field trips now - he's usually the only dad on them."

Here's How to Start Your Own

But story doesn't end there. Christina wants to share her knowledge with others across the country as a home-based business opportunity. She has put together a judgment recovery training course. In addition, students have access to a National Network, which can be extremely helpful in cases where the debtor has moved out of state. Christina also includes unlimited support.

The training course is on a home-study basis and it teaches how to contact judgment holders to get their business, the steps to tracking down a debtor and sorting through the paperwork from the court. Christina's motivation for sharing this business opportunity with others isn't to get money from sales of the course (a one-time flat fee of $185.00, she only makes enough to cover the cost of producing course materials). She wants to continue to develop the National Network of judgment recovery specialists.

Anyone interested in a home-based business who really likes to do research could benefit from this training course, according to Christina. "This business is filling a true niche. It provides steady, predictable home-based income of $5,000 - $8,000 per month on average. There is no lack of customers and no foreseeable decrease at any time in the future," says Christina.Judgment Recovery Business

If you'd like information on starting your own home-based business, register for their free guide at www.recoverycourse.com You may also contact Sierra Judgment Recovery directly by calling them at (912)882-8190 or email Customer Support at Support@recoverycourse.com

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