International Sales Cover Letter Asia/Pacific Rim

International Sales Cover Letter
In this letter, Lee validated his statements about being perfect for the company by listing his direct experience that related to the needs of the company. This cover letter provides you with one page resume and one page cover letter. Click the link to read the International Sales Resume Page.

Dear Ms.Chung:

I am aware that the Seo Manufacturing Company is looking for an experienced International Sales Representative to expand its services throughout the Pacific Rim. I am perfect for this position, as my background directly parallels your needs. For your review, I have enclosed a personal resume which will provide you with details concerning my background and qualifications.

In addition to holding an M.B.A. in Marketing & Operations Management, I also speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese and English. My background also includes the following:

  • Experience in manufacturing and international sales. While working for Pantene Electric Company, I successfully expanded the company by developing several new markets in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. As a result of my strategic market planning and client development, Pantene Electric became the first and only American company to supply products to the largest air conditioning manufacturer in Lebanon.
  • Not only do I have experience throughout the Middle East and Africa, in addition, I was born in Taiwan, and presently have family members who own businesses throughout the Pacific Rim.
  • My success throughout my career is largely due to my ability to develop and expand new markets on an international basis, and to effectively communicate with diverse cultures throughout the world.
  • An excellent leader, team builder, relationship builder, and motivator of others, I am a strong decision maker and arbitrator when working with Foreign Embassies, Trade Delegations, and other import/export agencies of the United States Government.

I am confident that, with my experience and career goals, I would be an asset to your company. I would like to request a personal interview at your earliest convenience so we may discuss ways that I can significantly contribute to your team of professionals. I will follow up with a telephone call within a few days. I am single, with no dependents, and available to travel and/or relocate as needed.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Lee R.Chung

Resume Enclosed

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International Sales Cover Letter source from: Sales & Marketing Careers by Chuck Cochran and Donna Peerce.

Chuck Cochran is the Co-Founder and President of the Heart & Soul Career Center, and Founder and President of the ResumePLUS,Inc., a full-service career development center specializing in resumes, recruiting, job search assistance, and training. Donna Peerce is Co-Founder and Vice President of the Heart & Soul Career Center and Vice President of ResumePLUS,Inc.

Chuck and Donna are also coauthors of the critically acclaimed "Heart & Soul" Career Series, including Heart & Soul Resumes and Heart & Soul Internet Job Search from Davies-Black Publishing, Palo Alto, CA. Both are Certified Professional Resume Writers and members of the PARW. Each conducts Writing, Career, and Success Seminars throughout the United States.

International Sales Cover Letter

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