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Charming opening in this sample cover letter and all relevant information is able to be conveyed and articulated relative to her desire to obtain the teaching position. You can also find Teaching Cover Letter Here

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Dear Dr.Cane:

Thank you for taking my call last week. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I am excited about the prospects of joining your teaching staff - to challenge students to learn
and appreciate our beautiful language. It would be a highly rewarding experience for us - the students, your department, and me. Below are some of my career highlights and qualifications for your reference.


The sorbonne, Paris, France
Baccalaureate Language and History, 1986
Doctorate in Language and History, 1990

Teaching Experience:

Berlitz School of Languages, Paris France, 1988 - 1994
Lead Instructor / Curriculum Development

Paris School for Language Study, Paris, France, 1994 - Present
Vice President / Lead Instructor

Partial Listing of Awards and Recognitions:

Figaro Honorarium for Improved Skills in Language Sciences, 1999
Scholastic Advancement Award, Paris Center for Academic Achievement, 1998
LaMonde High Achievement Award, 1995, 1996, 1997
Academic Medal Achievement, Berlitz School of Languages, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994

I will forward to you my academic credentials and portfolio and was told by the university that they will go out early next week. I will follow up. I will then contact you at the end of the month to arrange next steps. Once again, thank you for considering my candidacy for your Department at U.Mass. I look forward to becoming a member of your fine staff.

Merci and au revoir,

Danielle LaRouche

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