Export Documents Used For Government Control

These Export Documents are used by government control which usually include: Import License, Foreign Exchange Authorization, Export License,Certificate of Origin, and etc.

Export Documents - Government Control Documents

International trade involves complex flows of goods and services between many countries. Therefore, a set of documents are used by countries to monitor and control these flows. These usually include:

  • Import License and Foreign Exchange Authorization

    Many countries use import license and foreign exchange authorization system to restrict imports. Importers have to present pro-forma invoices to their licensing authorities or to their central banks, or sometimes to both to apply for the license. If the planned importation is legal and meets current requirements, the license will be issued. Therefore, exporters should not ship to importers who need licenses until the licenses are actually in hand.

  • Export License - Export Documents

    At the present time, usually there are very few obstacles placed in the exporter's path by his own government. On the contrary, many governments are assisting and encouraging the export of goods and extension of overseas market. Nevertheless, there are some occasions when a particular restriction might be encountered due to the nature of the product, the market to which the goods are being exported or some other reasons.

  • Certificate of Origin - Export Document

    A document that stating the country of origin of the goods being made. It is usually required by countries who do not use Customs Invoice or Consular Invoice to set the appropriate duties for the importers. It contains the nature,quantity,value of goods shipped and the place of manufacture. It enables the buyer not only to process the importation of the goods, but also permits preferential import duties where appropriate.

  • Inspection Certificate - Export Document

    Inspection Certificate are used by some countries to implement a control system imposed by government regulation. Its prime function is to ensure that goods are shipped in a quality condition and in accordance with the terms of the sales contract. It may be issued by government authorized parties or professional inspection companies. In China, this document is issued by the Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.

  • Consular Invoice

    Certain countries require a Consular Invoice to control and identify goods. The invoice must be purchased from the consulate of the country to which the goods are being shipped and usually is prepared in the language of that country.

  • Customs Invoice

    Customs Invoice is required by the importing country in order to clear the customs, to verify country of origin for import duty and tax purpose, to compare export price and domestic price, and to fix anti-dumping duty,etc. Usually, this invoice is required in exporting to US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and some African countries.

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