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Careers Technician Cover Letter
An engineering technician is a specialist who is trained in the skills and techniques related to a specific branch of engineering, with relatively practical understanding of the general engineering concepts. Engineering technicians often assist engineers and technologists in projects and research and development, according to Wikimedia. This Sample Careers Technician Cover Letter would help you sell your skills and qualifications that gets you in the door.....

Sample Cover Letter of Careers Technician

Dear Mr.Hodge:

As I enter my final semester here at Vanderbilt University in pursuit of my Master of Civil Engineering, I am exploring possible options for employment fter graduation. My ideas of design and my depth of experience are not the norm for graduate students and set me above the rest of the crowd. In interest of working with S Technologies, Inc., I am enclosing my resume for your consideration.

My background working for BSW Associates as an Engineering Technician (EIT) on large construction projects coupled with my formal education makes me an excellent candidate for employment with S Technologies, Inc. At BSW, I have been afforded the opportunity to serve as Client Manager to the town of Greensboro, Kentucky in connection with the construction of the $55 million Greensboro Bridge project. BSW was fortunate to win the bid for the bridge project after I established a working relationship with the city government of Greensboro during the recent flooding disaster the city experienced.

Greensboro is an excellent example of my skills in client acquisition and is just one of many civil accounts that I have attained for BSW. I have been able to land a total of 14 new accounts within the last two years bringing combined billings into the firm of over $96 million. I am confident I could do the same for S Technoogies, Inc.

Careers Technician Cover Letter

I am familliar with S Technologies, Inc. and its vast array of projects including the design and construction of the new Bigcity Arena, the suspension bridge over the Cumberland, and the water system overhaul for the metropolitan government. Most of S Technologies' major projects are government-sponsored; working with city and county government, federal authorities, and other official entities is one of my specialties. I am comfortable working within the tangle of government red tape.

S Technologies employs professionals who are outstanding graduates, who are fast-tracking for the attainment of their PE designation, and who have innovative yet solid concepts of engineering design and client management. My record with BSW and my academic achievements speak loudly that I would make an excellent addition to your team.

I look forward to discussing this experience with you and how I can apply my client acquisition skills to benefit S Technologies. My cell phone (listed above) is probably the best means of contacting me since I am on the job site most of the day. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Robert C.Henslely

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