Guerrilla Networking

Book reviews on Guerrilla Networking. 50 proven ways to get people to come to you and 26 networkers share their success stories. The book is all about "becoming the type of person other people want to meet." Learn how from both guerrilla marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson, and Monroe Mann, author of The Theatrical Juggernaut and founder of Unstoppable Artists, LLC in New York City.

Product Description

Guerrilla Networking - Traditional networking is all about "meeting people." The success you reap in life, however, is directly correlated to - not how many people you meet - but rather, how many people want to meet you.

Guerrilla Networking is all about "becoming the type of person other people want to meet." Learn how from both guerrilla marketing legend Jay Conrad Levinson, and Monroe Mann, author of The Theatrical Juggernaut and founder of Unstoppable Artists, LLC in New York City.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Guerrilla Networking

  • Networking
  • Traditional Networking
  • Guerrilla Networking
  • Six Degrees & the Name Game
  • How To Become Desirable

PART TWO: 50 Proven Ways to Get People to Come to You

  • Write a Successful Book
  • Become the Expert in Your Field
  • Become Famous
  • Offer Investment Capital
  • Be a Network Hub
  • Get Media Exposure
  • Take Matters into Your Own Hands
  • Offer to Help People
  • Introduce Yourself to People
  • Always Smile
  • Initiate Conversation
  • Become "Cool"
  • Become Noteworthy
  • Do Something Radical
  • Become the Go Between
  • Risk Failure
  • Send Off an Email
  • Be Creative
  • Write a Spicy Letter to the Editor
  • Write a Press Release
  • Hire a Publicist
  • Find Their Sweet Spot
  • Take Out an Ad
  • Call Them
  • Leave a Voicemail
  • Include Them in Your Acknowledgments
  • Become Their Friend
  • Do Them a Favor
  • Let Them Do You a Favor
  • Say Thank You
  • Become a Success in Your Field
  • Help Someone Else Become Successful
  • Invent Something Amazing
  • Make Our Lives Easier
  • Get Onto a Television Talk Show
  • Get Referred
  • Get Out of the House
  • Tell People What You Are Going to Do
  • Tell People What You Have Done
  • Tell People What You Are Currently Doing
  • Thank Them.....AGAIN
  • Do Something That No One Has Ever Been Done Before
  • Do Something Better
  • Hitch Your Wagon to a Star
  • Give Them What They Want
  • Solve a Problem
  • Be Useful
  • Be the Answer to Their Prayers
  • Name Drop!
  • Be a Guerrilla

PART THREE: Guerrilla Networking in Action

26 guerrilla networkers share their success stories

  • Jay Conrad Levinson, Author & Business Coach
  • Ned Vizzini, Author & Musician
  • Andrew Young, Counterintelligence Officer, US Army
  • Carol Blaha, Independent Sales Rep & Sales Trainer
  • Arthur Brown, Comedian, Actor,& Author
  • James Dillehay, Author & Business Coach
  • Barry Morgenstein, Photographer
  • Kathy Hagenbuch, Business Coach
  • Debbie Bordelon, Food Services Manager
  • Graham guerra, Fine Artist & Professor
  • Ashley Ann Serafin, Customer Service Manager & Actor
  • Knox Vanderpool, Business Owner
  • Paul Rieckhoff, Non-For-Profit Business Owner
  • Bones rodriguez, Actor, Author,& Entrepreneur
  • Dennis Hurley, Actor & Screenwriter
  • Phil Malandrino, Business Owner, Actor & Producer
  • Douglas C.Williams, Actor, Singer, & Entrepreneur
  • Roberta Muse, Politician & French Teacher
  • Kip Gienau, Ad Agency Owner & Author
  • Marcia Harp, Actress & Singer
  • Scott duPont, Actor & Producer
  • Kolie Crutcher, Electrical Engineer, Actor,& Author
  • Ed Smith, TV Show Host & Producer
  • Scott Norman, Actor & Producer
  • Peter Bielagus, Financial Advisor, Speaker & Author
  • Monroe Mann, Author, Musician, Actor & Business Coach

PART FOUR: Creating Your Own Guerrilla Networking Strategy in 10 Easy Steps

Jay & Monroe Show You How to Create and implement your own guerrilla networking strategy

About Author

Jay Conrad Levinson is the author or coauthor of the more than 32 books in the biggest series of books on marketing in history. His ideas have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 37 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide.

Jay taught guerrilla marketing for 10 years at the extension division of the University of California in Berkeley. He was a practitioner of it in the United States-as senior vice-president at J.Walter Thompson, and in Europe, as creative director at Leo Burnett Advertising.

He has written monthly columns for Entrepreneur and Inc., a syndicated column for newspapers and magazines and online columns published monthly on the Microsoft and GTE web sites.

Jay has served on the Microsoft Small Business Council and the 3Com Small Business Advisory Board. In addition to books, he has produced a videotape, an award-winning CD-ROM, a newsletter, a consulting organization, and a web site.

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