Assistant Federal Security Director
For Regulatory Inspection

Assistant Federal Security Director The incumbent of this position serves as the principal adviser to the Federal Security Director on all matters concerning enforcement and compliance with security directives pertaining to airport and aviation security for a Category X and Large Category 1 and 11 Airports.

Duties and Responsbilities

Prepares, plans coordinates, and manages an inspection program for compliance by airlines, vendors, and other airport tenants and business interests with airport and aviation security policies and requirements.

Conducts multiple, varying comprehensive assessments and investigations of airport and air carriers to determine security posture; to monitor compliance with applicable transportation security polic ies, regulations, and agreements.

Identifies potential problem areas or deviations from prescribed standards. Ensures overall adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of security posture. Provides technical guidance to airport(s) and air carriers on the development and/or modification of a large number of security plans to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements - Assistant Federal Security Director

Confers with the FSD and/or project staff personnel to outline work plans, provide technical advice, resolve problems, review status reports and modify schedules to accomplish duties.

Advises/informs FSD on unusual or complex managerial or personnel disciplinary issues. Directs the work of supervisors, program managers and other subordinate employees. Exercises discretion and sound judgment in dealing with sensitive human resources matters or issues. Impact of work typically affects TSA policies and objectives and regularly affects personnel inside and outside the organization - Assistant Federal Security Director

Key Skills

  • Knowledge of the concepts, principles, and methods of aviation security programs and policies, including compliance and enforcement

  • Skill in analyzing potential problems or deviations from security standards to coordinate development of security plans and corrective action compliance plans

  • Skill in orally presenting inspection/investigative findings and recommendations and interacting effectively with others to establish alliances and maintain effective working relationships within and external to the agency

  • Skill in written communication to effectively present information, including inspection/investigative reports, to internal personnel and to groups and individuals external to the agency

  • Ability to manage a diverse workforce and lead others, including planning and assigning work, improving and controlling performance, selecting employees, and promoting EEO human relations and employee participation

Assistant Federal Security Director
Job Openings

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Assistant Federal Security Director
The estimated total pay for a Assistant Federal Security Director is $69,313 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $53,995 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. Source From -

Assistant Federal Security Director - Generalist
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