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Business Distribution The fortunes to be made in the years ahead will not be in physical delivery but in education, in Intellectual Distribution. A distribution channel is the method a company uses to get its products into the marketplace for consumer use. The traditional channel goes from supplier, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer.

Distribution Business is the process of educating customers about products and services, typically items that they either don't know exist or don't know are now affordable. Physical distribution is the process of helping customers physically obtain products and services that they already know they want. Within distribution, the greatest entrepreneurial opportunities exist with wellness products and services - Because consumers don't know many of these products exist and because many wellness products and services have low or effectively zero marginal-unit product cost.

In the 1980s, Amway distributors launched consumer discount long-distance telephone service through an arrangement with MCI, as well as home-based electronic voice messaging through Amway's proprietary Amvox service. In the 1990s, the most successful vitamin and nutritional supplement products were launched through direct marketing companies. Many of the most popular categories of supplement products, like ephedra (weight loss ), pycnogenol ( antioxidant ), and echinacea ( colds and flu ), were available only through direct selling companies before they became off-the-shelf store products.

Led by wellness products and new technology, sales of direct selling companies in the United States alone recently rose 50 percent, from approximately $17 billion in 1995 to $26 billion in 2000. This was almost twice the sales growth rate of traditional retail stores during a similar period. Annual U.S. direct selling sales of approximately $30 billion today amount to less than 1 percent of the more than $3 trillion ($3,000 billion ) in sales at traditional U.S.retail stores. The sales of just one mass merchant, Wal-Mart, exceeded $165 billion in 2000.Business Distribution

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Market America UnFranchise Opportunity
Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of all four trends with the UnFranchise® Business.Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM provides a systemized, standardized and uniform business with market-driven products and services, management and marketing tools, branding and increased visibility, along with ongoing training and support.UnFranchise Owners can develop their business part-time with flexible hours by following a detailed plan of action. UnFranchise Owners are provided with a SHOP.COM website and other retailing websites, as well as products, technologies and systems to support their business-building efforts. The company handles most of the administrative, shipping and distribution duties so the UnFranchise Owner can focus on performing the result-producing activities, serving their customers and building their UnFranchise Business.

LOWE'S Retail Store Opportunity
Lowe’s is a great American success story, more than 60 years in the marketing. Our founder, Carl Buchan, had a vision – to create a national chain of hardware stores, dedicated to helping people improve the places they call home. Over the past six decades, that vision has grown from a single small town store, to a respected FORTUNE 50 ® industry leader with more than 1,750 stores in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico.

Distribution Opportunities at Walgreens
Walgreens distribution facilities are some of the most productive in the industry. Their career areas are: Finance. Marketing. Human Resources and Legal. Facilities and Real Estate. E-Commerce / IT / Engineering. Internships. Merchandising / Procurement. Operations and Support. Sales. Supply Chain. Strategy, Planning and Business Development. In-Store. Pharmacy. Distribution. The corporate professionals help provide the framework for enhancing the lives of millions of people. Business Distribution

Target Distribution Career
Target Career areas are: distribution center hourly / pharmacy hourly / store hourly / administrative support / advertising & marketing / assets protection & loss prevention / engineering / communications / store management, and More

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