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Import-Export Specialist plan and coordinate business transactions involving importing from or exporting goods to foreign countries. They may work for the government, an international company, or as a representative of an individual client. Export-import specialists are involved in various aspects of foreign trade, from negotiating trade agreements to planning and supervising the actual delivery of goods. Source from FirstHand

Import Export Specialist Job Duties

Import-Export Specialist must have a strong understanding of business, trading practices and laws, mathematics and great communication skills as they work with clients from many different countries and cultures on a daily basis. Primarily, they document shipments to ensure that they are in compliance with customs rules and regulations. Import-export specialists also counsel clients on matters like tariffs, insurance, and quotas. They categorize shipments according to a tariff coding system. This position also requires consulting with customs agents to ease passage of shipments through customs. Import-export specialists also counsel their clients how to reduce duties and taxes owed.

Other duties of the import-export specialist have to do with shipment of the goods. They track the location of the shipment. They prepare goods for shipment, using the best, most economical packaging. Transportation, warehousing, or distribution of goods may also be a job duty of the import-export specialist. They determine how much insurance to take out on the shipment.

Becoming An Import Export Specialist

Many import/export specialists may have a bachelor's in business or a related field, however, an advanced degree is not required if the individual has comparable experience and skills. Many states do require some sort of brokerage licensing to operate as an import/export specialist. These individuals should possess strong organizational, communications, and coordination skills, and should be familiar with all domestic and international customs and border regulations.

Choosing the right major is always an important step when researching how to become an Import/Export Specialist. When we researched the most common majors for an Import/Export Specialist, we found that they most commonly earn Bachelor's Degree degrees or Associate Degree degrees. Other degrees that we often see on Import/Export Specialist resumes include Master's Degree degrees or High School Diploma degrees.SOURCE: ZIPPIA

Average Import Export Specialist Salary

Students who earn a degree in the field can pursue careers in international marketing, export or import trading or other international trade services. According to, import-export agents earned between $33,000 and $57,000 annually, as of April 2021.According to BestAccredited Colleges

Source from reported, average import export specialist salary is:
10% at $50,000 yearly. 50% median at $67,870 yearly, and 90% at $84,310 yearly. Entry level is $38,000.An import/export specialist can make up to $46,000 per year, and the job market is expected to grow 6% by 2028. according to

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