It’s Not Just To Make Your Own Website, It’s A   Complete Web Business!

To Make Your Own Website is not just designing a web page and web hosting. By using SBI, you will have step-by-step guide explaining everything you need to know, and piece-by-piece block building system if you can type, copy and paste ... The page here you will learn how to increase web site traffic and build your own complete web business.

Ken Evoy, one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs, is the one you really should know about to Make Your Own Website. I was appealed by not only his web site building system, beyond that, his brains and heart behind the Site Build It which dedicated the true value to the samll business people. A successful business is always of giving, loving, and help. After all, you gain from your giving, loving and help - Make Your Own Website
As a new web site owner, I never have experience to create a web site, and I knew nothing about a web excepting copy, paste and Word. Even worse, I have zero skill on writing in English which is the second language to me. That’s the most I feared about before making the decision to order the package.
Anyway I was a lucky bird that I chose Site Build It! instead of thousands of web hosting companies there. I spent one and half month had my web content theme decided which named “”. and I spent another one month and half starting build my own web site, step by step guided by Ken’s Action Guide.
I did very slow with my limited writing skill, but feel great in creating process, I love it. When I checked out the data from SBI Daily Traffic Statistics on the first 30 days for three of my built web pages, it showed that a few hundreds pages had been viewed by the visitors. I said to myself: this business model worked...

And by now, after years since then, my web niche is growing and growing, every day. Some of web pages rank No.1 with most major search engine, and many pages are ranked at top 10 in Google. This is unexpected solution to me. Make Your Own Web Site

                            Make Your Own Web Site
Why Should You Make Your Own Website Using Site Build It!

Make Your Own Website - YOU Need TRAFFIC! No matter what kind of business you own. You need thousands of visitors to come to your web site(your'shop window') continuously. Fact.
Without visitors, you will waste every minute and every dollar you spend, because on-one will be able to find your site among the millions(literally)of other sites.

'Site Build It' helps you most here because their web hosting, marketing and building system ensures that you will get highly targeted, FREE TRAFFIC from the search engines, by putting your new web site together using a proven formula which search engines love.
This Results page, proves that the Site Build It system works for thousands of other people like you. This page is unique. No other web hosting company has ever put together such a page, which proves beyond doubt that their system has enabled hundreds of people to get to the top 1% in the world for traffic.Make Your Own Web Site
The Alexa ranking for SiteSell also proves that SiteSell,(Site Build It parent company)itself, is in the top 150 sites in the world for traffic, which is astoundingly good. Put simply - this means there are only 149 other sites on the web receiving more visitors.
If you are aiming to make your own website using anyone else, check out their Alexa ranking first. It's always good for a laugh reading how 'XYZ' host is going to really drive visitors to your new web site, when they can't even get visitors to their own!
Here is a place where the Alexa ranking is explained and you can even fill in the domain name of any web site to show you the Alexa ranking of any web site you like.Make Your Own Web Site
The major cost most people face over the life of their web site, is not the cost of making the web site, but sending good relevant to it. Around 85% of searchers find the information they want using search engines, and searchers trust search engine results much more than banner links and paid adverts.
So, any system that can ensure a constant stream of thousands of free visitors from the search engines has to be worth going for.
While on the subject of cost, You would think that a years unlimited webspace(ie. no limit at all on the number of pages you can display)hosted by one of the worlds most competent web hosts(boasting a zero downtime)would cost a lot of money - Right?

Well here's the good news, they only want $299(USD)for one full year of 'Site Build it'...all-inclusive, no additional monthly charges.

No matter what kind of business you have, or you want to have, you need to Make Your Own Web Site, with Site Build It. Make Your Own Web Site

               This is not Merely To Make Your Own Website
                      It is YOUR Complete Web Business

  • Step-by-step guide explaining everything you need to know
  • Piece-by-piece block building system - if you can type, copy and paste then you can Make Your Own Website!
  • Web Hosting for your site(absolutely no limits)
  • Customizable graphic design templates to Make Your Own Web Site unique
  • Unlimited email support
  • Online help integrated into the guide
  • Tips and techniques headquarters eg. exactly how to display Google adverts on your pages for maximum profits.
  • Access to one of the worlds best web building forums
  • Quick upload for your HTML pages(for those who know HTML)
  • Brainstorming and keyword researching tools
  • Domain name annual renewal(automatic)
  • Submit unlimited URLs to search engines
  • Ranking reports for search engines
  • Unique keyword search reports for searcch engines
  • Automated search engine optimization
  • SBI!Xpress, tips HQ and resources HQ
  • 4 Traffic HQs
  • Pay-per-click research and mass-bidding tools
  • Click-in and click-through analysis
  • Your own site E-Newsletter, including SpamCheck and OpenRate
  • Make your own sequential autoresponders
  • Ranking reports for directories
  • Unique keyword search reports for dirctories
  • E-Zine subscription and delivery
  • Value exchange automated link exchange system
  • Form Build It! Make your own automated forms
  • Link Fix It!(checks for broken links!)
  • Regular emails keepig you up to date with the latest web trends

Why not test drive Site Build It! for a 30 day run, and get a full refund if you don't like it. Still have questions? Here are more information can help you out. Make Your Own Web Site

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