Management Resume Sample

Management Resume Sample
When you begin writing a management resume, choosing your resume format should be the first decision you make. The resume format you choose should be determined by your level of professional experience. Benefit from this traditional target manager resume and know how to build your confidence in next interview. Management Resume Examples
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Management Resume Sample
      For Executive Position

119 Old Stable Road
Lynchburg,Virginia U.S.A.

Building & Leading Start-Up,Turnaround, & Fast-Track Growth Corporations

Talented,creative, and profit-driven executive recognized nationally for pioneering efforts in product development and industry leadership. Expertise in sales/marketing,global business expansion,manufacturing,corporate finance and business process development. Harvard University Graduate. Distinguished honors and credentials include:

  • "Person of the Year," Printing Magazine's highest award in the Promotional Products Industry (1985). Honored as the founder of a billion-dollar consumer products market.
  • U.S. Delegate to the 1987 People-To-People Economic Conference in Beijing, China. Long-term career in developing cooperative business ventures with Pacific Rim partners.
  • Well-respected public speaking career at national and international trade associations, universities, and professional industry conferences.
  • Impressionist painter with works in private and corporate collections in 15 countries worldwide. Earned prestigious designation as a Signature Member of the National Oil & Acrylics Painters Society(N.O.A.P.S.).
  • State Masters Racquetball Champion. Ranked #6 in the U.S.


- Executive Marketing & Management Consultant

- Senior Associates,Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia _______ 1991 to present

Consult with U.S. and Asian companies to provide top-flight expertise in strategic business planning,product development, global marketing, sales promotion, and marketing communications.

  • Identified joint venture partners and researched international trade/tariff regulations for diversified Asian manufacturer seeking expansion into the Latin American market.
  • Guided insurance company in the preparation of 5-year business plan and capital funding request.
  • Orchestrated successful introduction of well-established U.S. mail order company into the promotional products market. Developed budget, defined infrastructure requirements, and designed product promotions(e.g.,catalogs, literature, customer communications).
  • Currently consulting with premier U.S. supplier of holographic products to provide situational analysis and market development strategies and for successful product positioning. Management Resume sample

- Chief Executive Officer
Graphics International,
Lynchburg, Virginia ________ 1972 to 1991

Senior Operating Executive of this printed apparel and textile manufacturing company supplying the promotional products, premium, department store, and mass merchant markets nationwide. Initially directed operations from Lynchburg-based headquarters. Subsequently directed company's start-up of subsidiaries in Columbus, Georgia and Kowloon, Hong Kong. Chaired the Board of Directors.

Held full P&L responsibility for the corporation, all design and production operations, key account sales and business development programs, human resource affairs(staff of 350),technology acquisition,capital improvement, materials sourcing and the complete finance/accounting function. Directed a four-person senior management team,on-site plant and production management staff, and Managing Director of Hong Kong trading company.

  • Built company from $600,000 in annual revenues to $17.8 million and ranking as the fifth largest screen printer in the U.S.Produced over 22,000 orders annually.
  • Pioneered development of industry-leading products, technologies, and production methods currently the foundation for a multi-billion industry. Achievements included development of the first 10-color textile printing presses in the U.S.,introduction of original packaging standards for major active wear mills and, most significantly, the first multi-color textile apparel printing processes.
  • Launched the successful introduction into the global market through development of both import and export operations(combined annual revenues of $1.5+ million).
  • Identified tremendous market opportunity for the efficient design and production of small custom orders virtually ignored by major competitors. Developed innovative printing techniques, captured millions of dollars in sales, and won dominant market positioning nationwide.
  • Built a nationwide network of 2200 distributors that generated over 50% of total company revenues. Personally directed and negotiated sales programs direct to major accounts including Sears($2 millions annually),Walmart, Target,J.C.Penney, and Wards.
  • Introduced sophisticated technologies into the manufacturing, administrative, and financial departments that consistently enhanced quality,productivity, and profit performance.

- President _________ 1968 to 1972
- Perkins Promotions,Inc.(Subsidiary of Mitchell & Associates),
Lynchburg, Virginia

Senior Operating Executive of sales promotion firm servicing its parent advertising agency and major national accounts. Worked in cooperation with teams of advertising executives and creative staffs to plan, design, and produce (via contracted manufacturing)theme-based promotional and internal incentive products in concert with national ad campaigns.

  • Completed projects for major U.S. corporations including Anheuser-Busch.McDonald's, Cadillac,Ralston Purina,and Southwestern Bell.


Harvard University Graduate School Business Administration

Graduate,OPM Program

University School Of Fine Arts

Management Resume Sample for Executive Position

Management Resume SampleManagement Resume SampleManagement Resume Sample

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