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Medical Sales Resume - Medical Sales Specialist with more than 7 years of experience building and leading integrated sales and marketing operations for major medical corporations. The primary quality that hiring managers look for in a medical sales representative is an ability to meet challenging sales targets and secure repeat custom by building strong relationships. Including statistics in your resume allows you to explain your sales methods and experience while proving your achievements with hard data. Precise metrics are more appealing to employers than more vague, generic descriptions of your sales ability. According to RESUMEBUILDER.COM

Medical Sales Resume

Shawn Raymond
6099 Sherwood Drive
Portland, Oregon 66553

Professional Objective & Profile

Dynamic, profit- and results-oriented Medical Sales Specialist with more than 7 years of experience building and leading integrated sales and marketing operations for major medical corporations. Proven track record of success in leading and building business opportunities and marketing strategies to maximize growth and profitability. Especially talented in reengineering and repositioning sales operations to increase market share and revenue. Excellent analytical, planning, organization and negotiation skills. Executive liaison with physicians, medical centers and hospitals with ability to develop and nurture strong client relationships.

Desires a challenging opportunity in leadership and sales management to significantly contribute to a company's efficiency, organization, growth, and profitability.

Summary of Sales Awards

  • President's Club, Medical Sales Award, 1996
  • Sales Leader, Medical Sales Award, 1996
  • Representative of the Quarter, Medical Sales Awards, 1996,1995
  • Cardiovascular Alliance Teamwork Award, Medical Sales Award, 1996
  • Regional Gold Awards, Medical Sales Awards, 1996,1995
  • Circle of Merit Awards, CGA Pharmaceuticals, 1993,1992
  • Innovation Panel Awards, CGA Pharmaceuticals, 1992,1991
  • Business Team of the Year, 1990

Professional Medical Sales Experience

Angioplasty Sales Specialist
Portland, Oregon - 1993 to Present

Sales: Recruited to Medical Sales Company to direct an aggressive reorganization of sales operations and initiate high-volume sales in the highest dollar-potential market in the country. Responsible for expanding business and selling medical devices to hospitals throughout Oregon.

Profitability & Sales Accomplishments: After successfully reengineering sales operations, increased revenue from $225,000 to $1.7 million annually in just 2.5 years. This was the fastest revenue growth in the nation. Achieved #1 in sales in the U.S. in 1996. Sold the largest single order - $213,300 - in Medical Interventional Vascular history. Recipient of the 2 highest Medical Sales Awards - the President's Club and Sales Leaders, 1996.

Account Management & Business Development: Responsible for managing new business development and strategic planning to maximize growth and profitability/ Establish growth plans for individual accounts and personally manage account calls, presentations and contract negotiations.

Medical Sales Resume

Client Relations/Service: Continuously establish, nurture and maintain client relationships as a result of extensive interaction and strong communication skills. Provide superior service to clients through attention to detail and follow-up on all sales. Elected to Medical Consumer Advocacy Council, 1995 - 1996.

Contract Systems Development: Designed and implemented 3 major innovative contracts for physicians that became models for Medical's contracting department. Led the southwest region in innovative contract signings and negotiated and won 4 major accounts in 3 years.

Physician Education Training: Responsible for planning, coordinating and attending physician education meetings nationally an internationally. Educate physicians on coronary angioplasty/stinting procedures as related to Medronomic equipment.

Medical Sales Resume

Columbia/HCA Steering Committee: Communications liaison between company and the Columbia/HCA Steering Committee. Provide information to the committee regarding new medical products, practices and procedures.

Diversity Council: Appointed to serve as Representative of the U.S. Cardiovascular Sales Force on the Medtronic Diversity Council.

Marketing: Conceptualized and designed innovative marketing and sales materials for utilization by other sales representatives.

Employee Supervision: Supervise and manager Clinical Specialist. Delegate responsibilities and monitor overall job performances to ensure accuracy and adherence to company policies.

Medical Sales Resume

Medical Sales Representative
Summit, New Jersey - 1991 to 1993

Sales: Responsible for selling pharmaceuticals to physicians and hospitals. Led sales cycle from initial client consultation through presentations, price negotiations and closings. Solicited and obtained new clientele, as well as maintained existing accounts.

Business Development: Hired to reposition and grow market share in New Jersey. Developed business opportunities and marketing strategies within the Summit, New Jersey area. Expanded market penetration and provided direction for long-range business focus to meet industry changes.

Profitability & Sales Accomplishments: Won Circle of Merit Awards, 1992-1993 and Innovation Panel Awards, 1991-1992. Reengineered sales operations and improved market share from the lowest ranking of 9th to 2nd. Expanded market penetration of Lotensin by 295% during a period of budgetary downsizing.

Systems Development: Created, developed, and incorporated a new system to record sales call information, which efficiently increased district productivity.

Research & Marketing: Coordinated market research activities and surveys. Developed and implemented innovative marketing strategies to penetrate market and expand sales.

Cardiovascular Sales Specialist
Philadelphia,Pennsylvania - 1990 to 1991

Sales,Profitability & Accomplishments: Responsible for selling pharmaceuticals to physicians and hospitals. Built market share from 14% to 28% for LOZOL in one year, which was the highest market share in the nation. Achieved #2 market share in the nation for ANSAID, in the highly competitive market of non-steroidal. Won Business Team of the Year Award in 1990.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts
Major: Public Relations - Minor: Real Estate

Medical Sales Resume

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