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Physician Recruiters - Merritt Hawkins & Associates (MHA) is a national health care search and consulting firm specializing in the recruitment of physicians in all medical specialties, as well as select allied health professionals. Merritt Hawkins Physician Recruiters proven program, refined over many years and tens of thousands of physician and other search assignments, has helped people establish an unrivalled reputation and one of the highest search completion ratios in the industry. - Physician Recruiters

The Nation's Largest Health Care
         Staffing Organization

Established in 1987, Merritt Hawkins & Associates is a division of AMN Healthcare(NYSE:AHS) the nation's largest health care staffing organization and the largest nationwide provider in all four of its business lines; travel nurse staffing, locum tenens staffing, physician permanent placement services and allied healthcare professional staffing. Why Choose MHA?

  • 20 plus years of vast, industry-leading experience.
  • Reputation as the established leader in permanent physician search.
  • Proven, innovative, consultative and satisfaction.
  • Ability to provide important data to the industry.
  • Dedication to educating Physician Recruiters on healthcare staffing issues and challenges.

Overlooked Elements of the 
    Recruitment Process

Merritt Hawkins & Associates' winning recruitment formula goes beyond standard services offered by most firms. They combine healthcare staffing consultation with bottom line implementation. Working to meet 100% satisfaction in doctor recruitment and allied health staffing, their unparalleled strategy includes many factors.

Comprehensive Staffing Resources

  • More than eight million practice opportunity letters sent to physicians each year.
  • On average, more than 10,000 candidates called by their Research Department per month.
  • Thousands of unique visitors to their Web Site JOB SEARCH each month.
  • Valuable information for medical residents through their partner site,
  • Hundreds of mentions each year for Merritt Hawkins & Associates in medical journals and general media outlets.
  • Active in medical journal advertising campaigns.
  • Attendance at PHYSICIAN CONVENTIONS nationwide.
  • An extensive team of recruitment consultants working for you.

Aggressive Implementation

Merritt Hawkins & Associates' extensive front-end consultation, unique resources and meticulous, 28-step recruitment plan set the industry standard for thoroughness and professionalism. Elements of this proven plan include:

  • A national candidate sourcing campaign using multiple resources.
  • Ability to reach target-specific, high-quality candidates.
  • Thorough screening of doctors and allied health professionals.
  • Multiple hours of pre-interview phone time with candidate and spouse.
  • Detailed, written profile of qualified candidates.
  • Preparation of a detailed candidate and spouse interview itinerary.
  • Pre-interview, personal recruiter consultation with candidate.
  • Third-party debriefing, consultation with candidate and client.
  • Assistance in reaching a timely decision by candidate.
  • Candidate credentialing.
  • Candidate relocation assistance.

Front-end Search Preparation

To give clients the best possible recruitment results, they perform meticulous and diligent search preparation with each client. This includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive, on-site job and community profile.
  • Providing a detailed, written search plan.
  • Providing a sample candidate search contract.
  • Analyzing current client contracts and incentives.
  • Assisting with federal recruitment law compliance.
  • Establishing candidate parameters.
  • When applicable, consulting with the Search Committee and confirming roles and communication channels of the committee.

Merritt Hawkins Physician Recruiters proven program, refined over many years and tens of thousands of physician and other search assignments, has helped people establish an unrivalled reputation and one of the highest search completion ratios in the industry. - Physician Recruiters

Supply, Demand, and Recruiting
      Trends in Endocrinology

In a June 2020 article, the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism reported that “in the absence of any intervention” there will be a deficit of 2,700 endocrinologists in the U.S. by 2025. The shortage of endocrinologists is being driven to a significant extent by the widespread prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 34 million Americans, or one in ten, have been diagnosed with diabetes, while 88 million are prediabetic. Obesity is a further driver of endocrinal disorders, and obesity prevalence in the U.S. now runs at 42%. As with other medical specialties in short supply, relatively few endocrinologists are being trained as both the general population and the available workforce of endocrinologists ages. By Phillip Miller More useful resources for your Physician Career

10 Top Trends Affecting
  Medical Practice 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed medical practices, so physician trends will reflect innovation in care delivery influenced by the long pandemic. “Physician trends toward a desire for more modern and innovative healthcare solutions should not be a surprise to anyone because transformations have been part of the industry dialogue for quite some time. But the pandemic has accelerated the need for innovation in the physician setting,” said Amel Hammad, managing director of consulting firm Riveron, based in Chicago.

1. Technology grows in importance
“Now more important than ever, innovation and use of technology is key to performance,” Hammad said. “Physicians will need to continue to invest in technologies that allow them to provide the same type of visit they would provide in office, virtually.” Andy Colbert, managing director of healthcare finance for Ziegler in Chicago, added, “The biggest opportunity on the clinical side will be population health management and patient engagement tools that sit on top of the EMR platform. From an administrative perspective, I expect to see continued innovation as it relates to billing, coding and automation to cover all components of the revenue cycle -- from charting to billing.” More Detail By Debra Wood, RN

Physician Recruiters

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