Targeted and Inventory Resume

Targeted and Inventory Resume
How to write this type of winner resume. Ironically, it's not the resume itself that is critical; it's the energy, planning, strategy, and commitment behind the resume. In the retail industry alone, inventory problems cost companies $46.8 billion in 2019. This situation creates a unique opportunity for skilled inventory managers to help prevent these issues. Here, you’ll get to see what it takes to write a stellar resume for this job. Our thorough, professionally written inventory manager resume examples can show how to impress hiring managers, down to how you should organize each individual section of the page. According to

Targeted and Inventory Resume

Targeted and Inventory Resume - by Jay A.Block & Michael Betrus

The resume is the driving force behind career design. Ironically, it's not the resume itself that is critical; it's the energy, planning, strategy, and commitment behind the resume.

There are the two types of resumes that are powerful and that work:

  • The Targeted Resume
  • The Inventory Resume

If you know the job classification and/or the industry or environment in which you want t work, you are a candidate for a targeted resume. In essence, you can identify(target)what you want to do either by job title,by industry,or both.

If you are a generalist, open to a number of options or unable to clearly identify what you want to do but able to identify your marketable skills, you are a candidate for an inventory resume. An inventory resume promotes one's marketable skills to a diversified audience.

           Targeted Resume
Match The Need of Your Target

If you know your target audience, you must create a resume that emphasizes your skills,abilities,and qualifications that match the needs of your target. Position the text on your resume to match the job requirements as clolsely as possible. For example, if you're seeking a sales position but are not fussy about what industry you sell in, you would identify the key assets and value that you bring to the table. Five such assets might be:

  • Possessing exceptional closing skills.
  • Having an active network in place that would be exspecially enticing to a future employer who is looking for a candidate t ignite a sudden surge of new business.
  • Having been trained by a reputable company so a new learning curve is literally nonexistent.
  • A proven and verifiable track record of specific sales accomplishments.
  • The ability to turn around a flat and phlegmatic territory into a flourishing one.

The problem with most resumes,according to hiring authorities,is that people simply list responsibilities. You will seldom be hired on past responsibilities, but you have an excellent chance of being hired based on former accomplishments. - Career Articles On Resume By Jay A.Block & Michael Betrus

     Inventory Resume
Bring Your Specific Skills
         To The Table 

If you cannot clearly identify your target, then your resume should highlight your accomplishments and skills in a more generic manner. What benefits will a prospective employer receive in return for employing you? What skills do you bring to the table that will enhance and contribute to his or her organization?

Let's take the example of a branch manager of a bank who is making a career change. He might have five specific skills that he can market to any number of industries, so he would develop an inventory resume with a portfolio of inventory assets that might include the following:

  • Solid sales and marketing skills.
  • Excellent financial and budgeting skills.
  • Training and development abilities.
  • Seasoned operations management skills.
  • Strong computer aptitude.

After advertising these specific skills on the resume, the balance of the document would focus on specific achievements in these five areas.

Regardless of which resume type you choose, you must incorporate pertinent information that addresses the needs,concerns,and expectations of the prospective employer or industry. Samples of both resume types are included in this website at Sample Resume main page.

Targeted and Inventory Resume - By Jay A.Block & Michael Betrus

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