Top 5 Resume Mistakes

Top 5 Resume Mistakes
Recruiters spend 10, maybe 15 seconds on each resume. They are looking at stacks of hundreds, even thousands of candidates.

As the old adage goes, you never have a second chance to make a first impression during most job searches begins with your resume. So don't make the five common CV mistakes that Brad Karsh, founder of and author of "How to Say It on Your Resume" has found.

Missing the mark

Often, job seekers apply to multiple jobs at one time. Although creating a general resume is easiest, Karsh recommends sending a unique resume to each. "Make yourself look as hirable as possible. Use the job description as a cheat sheet for your resume." Tailoring your resume to the field and job you are applying for shows you have a clear objective.

Every word counts

"Recruiters spend 10, maybe 15 seconds on each resume. They are looking at stacks of hundreds, even thousands of candidates," Karsh says. This means your resume should act as the speed date of the application process. The more information you put on the page and the more pages you have, the less likely it will all be read.

Getting too creative

When you cover your resume with excessive gimmicks and additions it detracts from your message. Make your resume clear and readable; utilize bullets and avoid full sentences to save space. Karsh recommends the "15-second-test." Send your resume to your friends and have them look at it for fifteen seconds to give you feedback on what they recalled.

Forgetting the final edit

There is nothing more obvious than a spelling error. "A typo on your resume guarantees that you will not get a job, and one out of five people are not getting employment because of this." Since many applications are done through e-mail, make sure to format your resume as a PDF file.

Painting the wrong picture

The single biggest mistake people make on their resume is writing a "job description resume." Only put items on your resume that you can prove. Self-ascribed attributes like 'strong communicator' don't mean anything.

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