Cargo Agent Logan Airport

by Anonymous

I have been worked for AA as a Cargo Agent for almost 5 years since 2007. Actually the cargo job in Logan Airport is "my second job", that's what I called it. I have a home based internet business which is growing pretty good and bring me a fairly nice income. Back to that time, I can't stay home all day long with my online work, I needed fresh air, I wanted to join the people, so I planed to get a job nearby, and the job must be easy to handle, not too much physical work as I was not young anymore.

It's not hard I got this job. Learning curve was not long, it took about two months including three days Dangerous Goods training, lot of online lessons on regulations, policies, so and so and I started .....

Cargo Agent job is to help transportation companies manage incoming and outgoing shipments in airline, or trucking terminals or on shipping docks. You expedite shipments by determining a route, preparing all necessary documents, and arranging for the pickup of freight or cargo and its delivery to loading platforms. They may also keep records of the cargo, including its amount, type, weight, dimensions, destination, and time of shipment.

To me, I enjoy the daily life as a cargo agent. But still every time people quit this job because the sub contractor doesn't pay them much. I think this job is better for elder people or those want a second job for extra income like me.

If you want to join Cargo Agent team in Logan Airport, You need the following basic skills:

  • Efficient computer skill

  • Communicating skill

  • Organized habit, this is very helped when you deal with the paper work

  • Good inner personality

  • need no more than a high school diploma and learn their duties informally on the job

  • Maximum salary is $12.00 per hour starting at $10.00

Sand your application to the link here or you can physically go to the HR office at: 464 Bremen Street,East Boston,MA 02128

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