Marketing Cover Letter
for Healthcare Marketing Professionals

Marketing Cover Letter - Notice how Misti spends the first two paragraphs talking about them, not herself. In paragraph four, she drawn out the connection between their needs and her accomplishments.....

Marketing Cover Letter for
Healthcare Marketing Professionals

Misti DeOrnellas
45227 Michigan Avenue,
Chicago, IL 24197

Ms.Maria Lane
Executive Vice President
Hyde and Smithson
Public Relations,Inc.
1800 Scenic Way
Mountain View,VT 19877

Dear Ms.Lane:

Over the last few months I've noticed your firm moving into consulting with several healthcare firms. After speaking with Tom Aimee, I am aware that you are bidding on the upcoming opening of two new Columbia hospitals. You will no doubt need significant healthcare industry expertise to drive this account. Healthcare can really get complicated when trying to balance aggressive marketing and sales techniques along with a more public entity image.

The two locations in Portsmouth and Springfield will be delicate openings given the amount of bad press Columbia has received in the last year or two. Columbia has been in trouble with both the IRS and FBI for tampering with federal aid and overbilling to Medicare. They will undoubtedly need good advice on how to position their openings to get off on the right foot.

I have been working in marketing and public relations for 9 years, most recently with Humana in Florida. We successfully opened 11 new hospitals over the last six years, and even experienced a storm when we opened the one in Orlando. That one opened in the midst of a major city-wide controversy regarding the for-profit nature of Humana versus the for-the good-of-the-people persona hospitals have maintained. Under my direction Humana successfully overcome that encounter and now that hospital is one of the most successful in the region.

My skills are very much in line with the needs of both your firm and your clients:

  • 15 years in public relations
  • 15 years in the healthcare industry
  • Expertise in new launches and crisis management
  • Key contacts within the industry

Please expect my telephone call in the next week so that we might be able to set a time to meet and discuss employment possibilities that would serve our mutual interests.


Misti DeOrnellas

Marketing Cover Letter for Healthcare Marketing Professional

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