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Architect Resume If you wish to land your dream architectural job in 2022, you’ll need to write an outstanding resume. Understandably, you may not know where to start, but there’s no need to be worried; we've reviewed thousands of architect resumes from intern through to lead architects to learn what works and what doesn't. According to

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2233 Poinciana Island
North Miami Beach, Florida 33160

Project Development & Real Estate Professional
- Legal U.S. Immigrant -


Strong investment contacts(public & private) in Europe, specifically in France, desirous of making real estate/business investments in U.S. A solid and verifiable record of achievement as a French Architect and Project Manager, gaining the trust and confidence of many reputable corporate leaders and government officials.


(French Architects are not only involved with the design stage of a project, but the actual construction through final completion-Start-to-finish responsibility).

Residential & Commercial

  • Real Estate Valuation - Feasibility Studies
  • Estimating, Appraisals, Inspections and Project Budgeting.
  • Negotiating & Contract Administration
  • Architectural Concept and Design
  • All Phases of Project Development Through Punch List


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Interior Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employee/Subcontractor Management
  • Business Management
  • International Purchasing
  • Finance & Profit Achievement
  • Banking and Financing


Jean-Louis de Marguerie de Montfort, Architect
French Riviera(Cros Cagnes,Antibes,& Nice) LICENSED ARCHITECT

- Specializing in French Architecture and Interior Design -

Architect specializing in residential homes ranging in price from $1.5 million to $5 million homes and estates(3,400 - 15,500 sq.ft.). In addition, have solid design and construction experience in commercial projects including: office buildings, schools, churches, hotels, and restaurants. Expertise in project renovations (minor - major).

  • Established a regional reputation for excellence and developed a loyal following in Europe. Manage all phases of project development from design to completion. Highly successful for project profitability and investor ROI.
  • Strong management skills, including personnel and project scheduling, employee and subcontractor supervision, budgeting and finance, problem solving, client relations, and quality control.
  • Seasoned sales and marketing skills. Demonstrated ability to gain trust and confidence of prospects. Personable, a sense of humor, and highly ethical.


Draftman, Architect's Project Manager, 1959 - 1966
Architect Designer(Spain), 1966 - 1972


Licensed Architect: Ministre de l'Environement and du Cadre de Vie, May 1980

About Authors of Architect Resume: Jay A. Block CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), is the contributing co-founder of the Professional Association of Resume Writers(PARW).He helped develop the PARW national ceritication process and is a widely respected national speaker, author, and career coach. Michael Betrus is the author of The Guide to Executive Recruiters(McGraw-Hill), the most comprehensive directory of its kind.

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