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Sales Associate Resume
A highly professional and achievement was showing in this Sample Resume. Oriented Sales Associate is seeking a position that will fully utilize an extensive background in customer service, sales, client relations and merchandising...

Professional Objective & Profile

A highly professional and achievement-oriented Sales Associate is seeking a position that will fully utilize an extensive background in customer service, sales, client relations and merchandising. Self-directed and self-motivated with ability to work well independently or as a term member. Desire a career position that will provide a challenging opportunity to significantly contribute to a company's efficiency, organization, growth, and profitability.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Las Vegas, Nevada,1993

Professional Experience

Sales Associate
Las Vegas, Nevada - 1984 to Present

  • Company Track Record of Success:
  • Began at Kmart part-time at age 16 as a Sales Associate while in high school, and continued working there while pursuing Bachelor's Degree and afterward. Responsibilities are comprehensive and include the following areas of expertise.

  • Management:
  • Assist management staff in the overall administration and operations of the Electronics Department.

  • Sales:
  • Responsible for selling electronics merchandise to customers in retail environment.

  • Supervision:
  • Supervise employees and delegate work responsibilities. Monitor employees' overall job performances to ensure adherence to company policies and procedures.Retail Sales Associate Resume

  • Employee Training:
  • Train new sales associates in all areas of sales, merchandising and customer service.

  • Employee Relations:
  • Work closely with Managers to input data into computer systems, and to maintain a highly organized, efficient operation. Encourage and support a team like work environment among coworkers which increases employee efficiency and productivity.

  • Merchandising:
  • Responsible for arranging and designing floor displays in Electronics Department to enhance merchandise and increase overall sales and profitability.

  • Customer Service:
  • Committed to providing superior service to customers by assisting them in their selections, and by responding to their requests, inquiries, suggestions, and/or concerns.

  • Vendor Relations:
  • Continuously establish and maintain an excellent network of business relationships with vendors and suppliers as a result of extensive interaction and communication.

  • Inventory & Ordering:
  • Monitor and review inventory levels of merchandise, and responsible for ordering specific items as needed.

  • Computer Operations - Invoicing:
  • Utilize computer system to prepare invoices for more than 200 orders of film on a daily basis.

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